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Idéal Podium - Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

The Ideal Podium is a high-performance Bi-Metal bandsaw blade with a unique tooth geometry which prolongs blade life and minimizes work hardening. It is ideal for cutting exotic alloys and hard-to-saw materials and provides faster cutting.
Idéal Podium - Band Saw Blade

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Product Description

Ideal Podium Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade


  • Steel service centers
  • Machining workshops
  • Manufacturers
  • Production cutting


  • Inconel
  • Tool steel (D2)
  • Stainless steel
  • Monel
  • Other exotic alloys


  • Designed for constant feed and pressure machines - user friendly blade
  • Unique tooth geometry prolongs blade life and minimizes work hardening
  • 8% cobalt high speed wire electronically welded to premium backer improves performance
  • Oversized width improves beam strength for longer blade life
  • Plastic capping protects blade quality during transit and handling
  • Long life on abrasive and hard-to-saw materials
  • Sinewave technology option available

SINEWAVE Technology

Option Description

This revolutionnary technology provides enhanced cutting ability, reducing work time, and increasing blade life.

The Sinewave technology incorporates a series of “ramps” on the back edge of bandsaw blades, which allows bandsaw machines to exert more force into a cut without increasing machine pressure. The “rocking” motion of SineWave ensures less tooth to work piece contact which increases penetration for faster cutting..

SineWave Advantages

  • Cuts work hardened materials 30-40% faster
  • Can double blade life
  • Makes cutting rate more consistent
  • Lighter Machine Pressure
  • Reduced Sawblade Strain
  • Faster Cutting

Cuts Shapes

Cuts Shapes - tube
Cuts Shapes - solid tube
Cuts Shapes - Square tube
Cuts Shapes - Solid square tube
Cuts Shapes - Thick plank
Cuts Shapes - H beam
Cuts Shapes - I beam
Cuts Shapes - L beams bundle
Cuts Shapes - Solid square tube bundle
Cuts Shapes - Solid tubes bundle
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications (Available Blade Widths and Teeth)

Width X Thickness
Inches Mm
1 x .035 27 x 0,9mm
1-1/4 x .042 34 x 1,1 mm
1 1/2 x .050 41 x 1,3 mm
2 x .062" 54 x 1,6 mm
2-5/8 x .062" 67 x 1,6 mm
3-1/8 x .062" 80 x1,6 mm
Teeth Per Inch
4-6 TPI 3-4 TPI 2-3 TPI 1.5-1.9 TPI 1.1-1.4 TPI .7-.9 TPI