Flowdrilling Paste

Flowdrill Paste for Steel & Inox

Flowdrill Paste for Steel & Inox has been specifically designed to improve tool lifetime during friction drilling operations on steel and stainless steel.
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Product Description

The Must Have Paste for flowdrilling

For all your flowdrilling operations, montfort International offers the Flowdrill Paste for Steel & Inox. Specially made for steel and stainless steel, our paste reduces the build-up of parent material on the outside of the Flowdrill solid tungsten carbide tool.

Thanks to this must-have paste, you will get longer tool lifetime and improved surface quality of the formed bush. Our paste is offered in 1kg size.

Paste Use

For optimal flowdrilling results, we recommend to apply our Flowdrill paste every five holes in steel and every hole in stainless steel and aluminium.


A flowdrill uses rotational speed and axial force of a local creation of frictional heat. It plastifies metal materials and forms accurate bushings in between seconds;

  • With multiple length of the original material thickness
  • Chipless, no waste
  • In steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper...
  • For all typical material thicknesses > 0.5 mm
  • For high loaded threads from M2 to M20 and up to G1"
  • Thus replaces welding nuts, rivet nuts and pressed nuts

The Advantages of Flowdrilling

  • Chipless drilling and tapping
  • No waste and removal costs
  • No additionnal investment and storage costs
  • Reduction of operation steps
  • No extraenous materials needed
  • High process reliability
  • Solid carbide tools provide extra-long lifetime
  • Perfect flexibility
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Working temp.: -15 to + 1150°C
Density: 1.7 g/cm³ at +20 °C
Colour: white