Equipment for Machining Aluminum

SW 553 Reverse Garda-3

Double mitre saw with a fixed unit on the left and the other one movable, with blade diameter 550 mm.
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Product Description

SW 553 Reverse Garda-3

Double mitre saw with a fixed unit on the left and the other one movable, with blade diameter 550 mm.

  • Automatic positioning of the movable unit.
  • Electronic positioning of the cutting units on any angle within 22,5° and 135°.
  • Realized with cutting lenght of 4000 mm or 5000 mm or 6000 mm.
  • It is equipped with the system EC 700x.


  • No. 2 TCT Sawblades (Ø 550 mm).
  • Cutting deepth stop device.
  • Pair of horizontal pneumatic clamps.
  • Pair of vertical pneumatic clamps.
  • Mobile roller conveyor with pneumatic clamp for section support.
  • Compressed air treatment unit (filter/reducer/lubricator)


  • Wide cutting capacity by means of sawblades dia. 550 mm.
  • Electro-welded sheet base which has been designed in such a way to offer the maximum rigidity and use practicality.
  • Frontal and straight blade feed with speed adjustments.
  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed.
  • Dynamic protection guards for a total covering of the cutting area.
  • Mist spray lubrication tools (Venturi system).
  • Pre-arranged to connect an exhaust extractor for swarfs.
  • Pre-arranged to use a set of tanks to collect swarfs.
  • Pre-arranged to connect a motorised belt conveyor.
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

EC 700x Software

Electronic system type MS Windows XP® compatible

  • memorize the profile codes and their values
  • manage and perform single cuts and cutting lists
  • memorize already calculated cutting lists via keyboard, by USB key or by network
  • sort out the cutting lists according to Customer, Job order, color, length
  • manage frame styles by giving a method to perform frames starting from a sketch
  • calculate cutting lists based on frame styles and on a stored series of sections
  • manage and execute job orders subdivided by Customer and/or by frame style
  • manage a cutting optimization based on a job order or on a cutting list
  • supply, after effected optimization, codes and requested quantities of sections to meet with the production requirements
  • supply required quantities and sizes for the purchase of glass or panels before frame assembling
  • manage and perform the step-by-step cycle (cleat cutting) and the over and under size cuts, independently from the useful cutting length of the machine (over stroke cycle)
  • manage the calibration cycle automatically, the correction values within defined zones, a label printer, a linking with an external PC.

Angles preselected of positioning of the cutting devices, outwards °135<>22,5
Diametre of the sawblademm550
Sawblade boremm30
Speed of the rotating toolrpm2800
Maximum useful cutting lengthmm4000 / 5000 / 6000
Tolerance in the positioning repeatabilitymm± 0,1
Installed electric powerKW6,8
Power of the motorkW3
Air consumption of compressed air per working cycleNl38
Pneumatic operating pressurebar7
Height of the machinemm± 1690 / 2130
Width of the machinemm± 1600
Length of the machine , 4m. Useful cutting lengthmm± 6000
Length of the machine , 5m. Useful cutting lengthmm± 7000
Length of the machine , 6m. Useful cutting lengthmm± 8000
Weight of the machine , 4m. Useful cutting lengthkg± 1800
Weight of the machine , 5m. Useful cutting lengthkg± 1900
Weight of the machine , 6m. Useful cutting lengthkg± 2000