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Globe Clean

A range of speciality chemicals for cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts.
Globe Clean - industrial lubricants - Globe par Condat

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Product Description

Globe Clean

Cleaners and Degreasers

In addition to its range of process lubricants, we provide the Globe Clean range of speciality chemicals for cleaning and degreasing of mechanical parts:

  • Chlorine-free A3 solvents
  • Water-based cleaners of ferrous and non-ferrous metals:
    • Acid cleaners
    • Alkali cleaners
  • Cleaning fountains


  • Compatibility with the metals to be degreased: stainless steel, steel, cast iron, aluminium
  • Chemical compatibility and good salting-out of soiling, with upstream process lubricants: oils for quenching, cold forming, stamping, machining, drawing, forging
  • Compatibility with water quality: soft, hard with more or less chlorides
  • Compatibility with degreasing installations: single tank, multi-tank, sprinkling, ultrasound, chamber, continuous

How to reduce global costs

  • Increase the lifetime of washing baths
  • More concentrated washes, for working at lower concentrations
  • Degreasing with less energy: less heating...

Product benefits

  • Quality of degreasing parts: multiple technical criteria taken into account
  • Economic gains: reduction in overall costs
  • Health, Safety and Environmental criteria: free from formaldehyde, boron...
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Globe Clean Product Range

Globe CleanNF 619


Globe CleanNF 619 is a heavy-duty, alkaline liquid cleaner. It is designed to remove oil, dirt and lubricant residues from a variety of metal parts and is especially recommended for use in spray-type applications due to its low-foaming formulation.

Globe CleanNF 619 is readily dilutable in water and forms a stable, transparent solution. It will not show phase separation or settling during shipment, storage or in solution. Globe CleanNF 619 contains a blend of selected alkalis, wetting agents and builders.


  • Pecommended for use in spray-type applications
  • Cleaning of metal parts

Globe CleanMP 639


Globe CleanMP 639 is a heavy-duty, liquid cleaner. It is designed to remove the oil, dirt and grease residues that typically build up on machinery and parts, and can also be used as a floor cleaner. The product is readily dilutable in water and has high detergency towards oils and sludge.

Globe CleanMP 639 is especially recommended for use as a machine sump cleaner, to be used prior to charging a new metalworking fluid / coolant. The oil and sludge contamination is effectively removed, leaving a clean system ready for charge of a fresh coolant. Adopting this practice can significantly extend the metalworking fluid life.


  • Recommended for use as a machine sump cleaner
  • Cleaning of machinery and parts
  • Floor cleaning

Globe CleanS 649


Globe CleanS 649 is a soluble product which does not contain chlorine, added sulphur, phenolics, nitrites nor triazine. It offers a protection against corrosion and is a very good cleaner of central tank.


  • In treatment, to increase pH
  • Before changing the soluble oil of metal working, to clean the central tank and the installation