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Effective graphite-based lubricant in the form of an aerosol for coating of all metallic surfaces.
G-START - industrial lubricants - Globe par Condat


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Product Description


Aerosol Protectors

Graphite varnish in the form of an aerosol for effective coating of all metallic surfaces. Very effective for mould-release, mechanical assembly operations and for pre-treatment of tools before forging operations, G Start eliminates the risk of wear.

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Safety and Performance

Aerosol technology requires the use of gas propellants. The CONDAT range of aerosols favours the use of CO2 which is:

  • safer: it is a non-flammable gas
  • more economical: it only represents 3% of the overall net volume of an aerosol, thus optimising the volume of lubricant


  • Start-up of glass-making moulds
  • Pre-treatment of forging tools
  • Start-up die coating in the foundry
  • Surface treatment of mechanical parts for assembly and lubrication

Product benefits

  • Dry in ambient air
  • Resistant to above 1000°C
  • Resistant to abrasion to aid mould-release
  • Low consumption thanks to high covering power
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • High covering power
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • The product can be used on hard-to-reach lubrication points
  • The latest models are equipped with directional diffusers and/or swivel valves for optimised lubrication (no loss of product)
  • Clean and non-staining
  • Not bulky and easy to store
Additional Information
Technical Specifications


  • Liquid
  • Temperature of use: -20°C to 1 000°C
  • Black colour