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Globe Additive

The Globe Additive, an additive for cooling liquids, exists as a liquid additive, a biocide and as antifoam to bring the coolant back to the correct specifications.
Additifs - industrial lubricants - Globe par Condat

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Product Description

Globe Additive


Additives for coolants are generally not needed when liquids are properly maintained and operated in a good environment.

However, there are situations where a coolant can remain stagnant or operate in a poor environment for long periods of time. In these situations, it may be necessary to use additives to return the coolant to the correct specifications.

Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Globe Additives Range

Globe Additive WH


Globe Additive WH is used to reduce the water hardness and also soluble oil hardness. Globe Additive WH is not suitable for neat products (neat oil). Globe Additive WH is a liquid additive, designed to avoid the phenomenon of hardness increase in machining and grinding soluble oil. Globe Additive WH could be mixed with all soluble oil and water, with simply mixing.


  • To decrease the total hardness of 10 °F, add 1 liter of Globe Additive WH in 1 000 liters (water or soluble oil)
  • Our laboratory could check the good concentration after analysis

Globe Defoamer


Globe Defoamer is a compound emulsion for use in metalworking lubricants.

Globe Bio-Tech14


High performance biocide for fluid conservation