Industrial maintenance oils

Globe Bio

High-performance oils intended for lubrication of blades for band saws, circular saws… For wood-industry professionals: safety and longer lifetimes for blades.
Bio Natur - industrial lubricants - Globe by Condat

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Product Description

Globe Bio

For the lubrication of your saw blades, Globe has a range of specially formulated oils for saw-blade applications: band saw blades, circular saw blades...

The Globe Bio range groups neat and soluble biodegradable oils for:

  • lubrication of saw blades
  • protection against wear and corrosion
  • reduced friction and warming when cutting
  • participation in protection of the environment

In terms of technologies, Globe offers vegetable oils, anhydrous synthetic oils (based on esters) and soluble oils.

Product benefits

  • Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to longer lifetimes for blades
  • Optimal protection against fire
  • The Globe Bio saw blade oils are classed as non-hazardous for the environment and therefore respect ecosystems.


  • Anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives
  • High self-ignition temperatures or flash points
  • The very high and stable viscosity index of neat oils guarantees a viscosity that is always adapted to the requirements of distribution system pumps
  • Biodegradability
  • Fire resistance

Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Globe Bio Range

Globe BioBNG


Globe BioBNG is a ready-to-use product specially developed to immediately unfreeze the conveyor belts still present in quarries, sand pits and other extractive industries. Globe BioBNG is used for both curative and preventive usage.


  • Exothermic dissolution
  • Preventise usage
  • Curative usage
  • High efficiency and low consumption
  • Biodegradable and classified as non-hazardous for the environment
  • Easy to use

Globe Bio BS 57


Globe Bio BS 57 est un concentré à base d’esters synthétiques, biodégradable, à émulsionner dans l’eau. Bio Globe BS 57 is a biodegradable synthetic esters based concentrate to emulsify in water.


  • Made of plant based esters, enhancing the production of renewable raw materials.
  • No chlorine, added sulfur, boron, DEA, nitrites, phenolics, heavy metals, mineral oil
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • High cooling capacity
  • Reduced environmental impact (without VOC)
  • Pleasant to use, very low odor