Lubricants for metalworking

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We have the Perfect Industrial Lubricant for all your Metalworking Needs

Our GLOBE Industrial Lubricants

Using the right lubricant for your metalworking operations not only improves your machining and sawing efficiency but also increases the lifetime of your sawing machines, bandsaw blades and tools.

Montfort International has therefore developed a complete range of high quality industrial lubricants for your metallurgical operations; GLOBE lubricants. GLOBE lubricants save you time and money by increasing tool life and productivity.

Our Wide Range of Products

Whether for machining, sawing or grinding metals, our experts will guide you to the lubricant that meets your requirements, be they environmental, monetary or efficiency.

Our extensive range of oils and fluids allows us to offer water-soluble or plant-based cooling lubricants , aerospace lubricants , neat machining oils , and neat cutting oils . We also have die-coating products , mould-release agents , cutting lubricants for use before or after extrusion and lubricants intended forcutting, punching, fine blanking, stamping, deep drawing operations with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. .

High Performance Lubricants Approved for Aeronautics

Montfort International offers you the Globe 550 Mecagreen AERO , a complete range of lubricants specifically designed for the aeronautics market. These soluble cooling lubricants and neat machining oils are approved for the aerospace industry, 100% efficient, 100% plant-based and 100% chlorine and bactericides free.

Our water-soluble coolant lubricants, based on synthetic esters of vegetable origin considerably increase the tooling lifetime. Our green solutions for aeronautics meet the specifications of the most prestigious manufacturers including EADS-MESSIER-DOWTY, SNECMA-PRATT & WHITNEY and BOEING-BOMBARDIER.