Lubricants for metalworking

Globe 545 Mecagreen HP

Water-soluble coolant lubricants, based on synthetic esters of vegetable origin, intended for machining by swarf removal or abrasion operations.
Mecagreen - industrial lubricants - Globe by Condat

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Product Description

Globe 545 Mecagreen HP

Globe 545 Mecagreen HP is a water based coolant made from renewable resources. Globe 545 Mecagreen HP is a coolant concentrate designed for medium to difficult machining.

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Health, Safety and environment

Improved working conditions

  • Very convenient to use, improves health and safety at the work station
  • Free of formaldehyde-releasing biocides
  • Free of secondary amines
  • TRGS 611 compliant
  • Free of heavy metals
  • No DCHA utilized in any coolant
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Aeronautical approvals

Globe 545 Mecagreen HP oils fulfil the latest specifications of the most prestigious constructors:

  • EADS


  • All types of machining by metal removal
  • All types of grinding
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Specific offer for aeronautical alloys

Product benefits

    High performance and a reduction in overall costs

    The innovative chemistry of the Globe 545 Mecagreen HP range provides considerable benefits:

  • High performance and a reduction in overall costs. The Globe 545 Mecagreen HP range of cutting fluids allows for gains of 20 % in lifetime for tools, compared with mineral-based soluble oils
  • Consumption gains: reduction of your consumption of the order of 15 to 30%, compared with the use of a traditional mineral-based soluble oil
  • Clean machines : the drainage speed and transparent colour allow for better visibility
  • Long lifetime for soluble oil baths
  • For soft or hard water
  • Protection against corrosion between operations
  • Shelf life of 12 months
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Globe 545 Mecagreen HP Product Range