Lubricants for metalworking


A complete range of neat oils intended for machining by swarf removal, for all metals.Neat oils for machining, based on highly refined mineral oils.
Globecut - industrial lubricants - Globe by Condat

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Product Description


Mineral Neat oils

Neat oils for machining, based on highly refined mineral oils.Very large choice of viscosities and levels of performance, to better meet your needs as a function of the application and the metal.

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Health, Safety and environment

Improved working conditions

  • Very low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content: benzo[a]pyrene content < 30 µg/kg
  • Reduction of oil mists
  • Pale colour, pleasant to use, aids visual control (or optical camera)
  • Lower environmental impact: free of heavy metals and chlorine
  • Long service life


All types of machining by swarf removal or metal-forming:

  • Honing and lapping
  • Grinding
  • Bar turning
  • Gear cutting
  • Deep drilling
  • Boring
  • Broaching
  • Tapping

All metals: steels, stainless steel, refractory, copper and its alloys, aluminum

Product benefits

Reduction of overall costs:

  • Fluid range, to limit consumption by drag out
  • Improved lifetime for tools
  • Improved quality of the parts
  • Improvement in the lubricant service life: spaced out oil changes, better resistance to oxidation, use of additives is not necessary
  • Range compatible with all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Globecut Product Range

Globecut 2010


Globecut 2010 is a premium blend of highly refined mineral oil, fatty esters and extreme pressure additives. Globecut 2010 is designed for use in general purpose light to medium operations. Globecut 2010 is suitable for all materials.


  • Designed to be used in grinding, honing, lapping, screw machining and machining of small parts

Globecut PL440


Globecut PL440 is a premium blend of highly refined mineral oils and extreme pressure additives. Globecut PL440 is designed for use in general purpose medium to heavy duty operations.


  • Threading, tapping, drilling, milling and broaching
  • For all operations where the use of a premium cutting oil is desirable

Globecut DP 550


Globecut DP 550 is an extreme pressure straight oil, with chlorine, designed for metal working. Globecut DP 550 is designed for heavy duty machining. Globecut DP 550 is particularly suitable for ferrous materials.


  • Any type of machining, but especially difficult applications seen in both Medical and Aerospace manufacturing