Lubricants for metalworking


Complete range of lubricants intended for cutting, punching, fine blanking, stamping, deep drawing operations with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Globeform - Industrial lubricants - Globe par Condat


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Product Description


Ready-to-Use Vanishing Lubricant

Drawing on our technical expertise and our know-how in the field of cold metal-forming, we offer the Globeform range intended for cutting and stamping of metals.

What are the main technical criteria we take into account?

  • Most difficult operations / improvements wanted
  • Metals: steels, stainless steels, copper metals, aluminum...
  • Post-treatments: protection against corrosion, welding, degreasing, thermal degreasing, cataphoresis, glueing...
  • Approvals: incidental food contact H1, automobile industry...

Taking the HSE impact into account is an integral part of the technical specifications for our lubricants. We therefore offer alternative technologies and draws on bio-sourced raw materials.

HSE Logo - Health, safety and environment

Health, safety and Environment

Working Conditions Improved

  • Improvement of working conditions, convenient to use
  • Free of chlorine, mists, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


  • Automobile industry
  • Aviation industry
  • General industry, building
  • Packaging

Product Benefits

  • Self-Evaporating: ELIMINATES the need for post cleaning
  • Non-Corrosive: Contains NO WATER or other corrosive materials
  • NO Waste: Consumed in operation
  • Easy to Use: No mixing or measuring. USED AS RECEIVED
  • Rapid Drying: Evaporates in less than 1 hour leaving little or no residue
  • Extended Shelf Life: Contains no water. No rancidity
  • Versatile: Self-consuming lubricant that performs multiple operations
  • Heat Treatable: Ashless formulation, compatible with post heat-treating operations
  • Excellent Metal Coverage: Wets out on metals quickly and evenly
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Globeform Product Range

Globeform 480


Globeform 480 is a light-duty, chlorine-free, metalforming lubricant designed for forming aluminum and other soft metals. The evaporative properties of Globeform 480 greatly reduce lubricant residue on formed parts and eliminate the need for post-cleaning operations. Globeform 480 can be used in numerous metalforming operations. Globeform 480 is ideally suited for fin stamping in the HVACR market.


  • Light-Duty Stamping/Drawing: Fin Stamping, Heat Exchangers, Coils/Closures
  • Light-Duty Bending Operations: Electrical Fixtures, Metal Containers
  • Blanking: Washers, Laminations, and other small parts manufacturing
  • Piercing/Punching
  • Wire Stranding
  • Rollforming: Painted or prepainted coil stock
  • Cut-off Operations