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Uni-Roller S2 Powered

The Uni-Roller® S2 Powered is the ultimate solution in blank stock lubrication. The S2 Powered will apply the correct amount of fluid for your application and do it consistently from one blank to the next.
Uni-Roller S2 Powered - industrial lubricants - Unist

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Product Description

Uni-Roller S2 Powered

The Uni-Roller® S2 Powered is the ultimate solution in blank stock lubrication. Combined with an SPR-2000™ or SPR-2000 JR™ programmable fluid controller, the S2 Powered will apply the correct amount of fluid for your application and do it consistently from one blank to the next.

Advantages of the Uni-Roller S2 Powered

  • Reduce lubricant consumption by 50% or more
  • Cleaner floors & work area
  • Quick-change rollers for easy maintenance

Applications of the Uni-Roller S2 Powered

  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • Fine blanking
  • Deep drawing
  • Application of rust preventives and other protective coatings

Delivers return on investment in less than 6 months

That's what many of our customers report. By applying the proper amount of fluid, the Uni-Roller® S2 Powered lubricator uses 50 to 90% less lubricant for stock lubrication. Plus it decreases the mess, the parts cleaning, fluid recycling and costs associated with in-die spray systems, rag technology and externally lubricated rollers.


The brushed stainless steel guards protect the rollers and guide material when loading coil stock or feeding blanks. With the guards removed for better access, a roller can be changed in about a minute using a single wrench. The Uni-Roller® S2 Powered is built to handle any manufacturing environment without sacrificing ease of maintenance.

Microlubrication advantages

Reduction of lubricant consumption

Thanks to very precise micropumps, the lubricant dosage is perfectly controlled. The system uses only a tiny amount of milliliters a day rather than liters of fluids.

Clean machinery and factory

Increase the air quality of the work environment by eliminating odor problems caused by bacterias in soluble oils. Reduce your workload and stop removing abrasives on the grounds. Thanks to the minimum quantity lubrication technique, there is less wear and the condition of the surfaces are improved.

A better working environment

With Unist, you will have clean, non-slippery floors, which will reduce the risk of falls and injuries

Environmentally friendly

You will contribute to a significant reduction of polluting discharges into the environment;

Increased tool life

Increase the life of your tools from 20% to 100%; you will reduce or even eliminate the thermal shocks that they undergo;

Dry chips and less greasy parts

You will have dry and easy to dispose of chips;

Microlubrication's applications

  • Conventional machining
  • CNC
  • Lubrication machining
  • Spindle center
  • Cutting, sawing
  • Demoulding, stamping, profiling, milling, etc.
Additional Information
Technical Specifications


  • Stock type: coil stock
  • Stock thickness: .005”-.25” (.13mm – 6.35mm)
  • Stock width: 3" - 72" and up (76mm - 1828mm).
  • Fluid type(s): For use with a broad range of water soluble and neat lubricants. Viscosity from 30 – 1000 SUS. Thicker lubricants can be tested by Unist for compatibility.
  • Fluid supply: pressurized 3 gal(11.4L), 6 gal(22.7L), 15 gal(56.8L), 30 gal(113.6L) tank. Also 20 gal(75.7L) poly tank with diaphragm pump. Also can be integrated into customer’s bulk fluid system
  • Applicator material: polyester felt or polyurethane foam
  • Controller: SPR-2000™ or SPR-2000JR™
  • Power: NA (see SPR-2000™ or SPR-2000 JR™ for controller power requirements)
  • Mounting: 5/16-18 t-nuts supplied in bottom extrusion slots allow for multiple mounting options. 2 t-nuts per slot provided.
  • Air: Clean, dry, compressed air, 80-100 psi (5.5-6.9 bar),10 SCFM (280 SLPM) minimum

Available options

Polyester felt cover

Polyester felt cover

Extremely durable and compatible with a broad range of fluids

Polyurethane foam cover

Polyurethane foam cover

Useful when sequence of stock widths used causes uneven wear on cover. consult Unist for fluid compatibility.

Standard fluid dispenser tube

Standard fluid dispenser tube

Best choice for most applications with the widest range of fluid compatibility and flow rates.

Low volume fluid dispenser tube

Low volume fluid dispenser tube

For use in applications requiring coverage of 50 mg/ft2 [538 mg/m2] or less.

Variable speed DC drive

Variable speed DC drive

Manual speed control through a potentiometer for speeds up to 145 feet/min [44 m/min]

AC variable frequency drive

AC variable frequency drive

Automated speed control for speeds up to 150 feet/min (46 m/min). Not available on single roller units.