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Safeguarding and installation of protective equipment and perimeter fencing

On site industrial security services and consultation. Thanks to our turnkey installation service and our broad range of machine safeguarding products and machinery modular guard systems, we can find the right protective equipment for each machine.
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The Montfort Benefits

A multidisciplinary team to accompany you in your projects.
They move to your factory, to your workshop, and effectively meet your needs for improvement; from development to installation.

Unrivaled quality and a customized product
We stand out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with equipment and tools notorious for their reliability and excellent value for money.

A remarkable After-Sales Support
The team of Montfort technicians support all our divisions by installing, maintaining and guaranteeing our equipment.

Product Description

Prismont Division


Working in a machine shop is always somewhat risky. Minor injuries and serious accidents occur when workers are distracted or negligent. Safe and healthy employees are much more efficient and productive. Since your workers are probably your most important resource, wouldn’t you like to provide them with a safe working environment? It is why Montfort International launches its security division, Prismont, to allow companies to offer safer work spaces for their employes. We draw on our extensive range of products to find what best suits your situation and security objectives, never losing sight of your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing factories, machine shop, tooling machines, automation, robotics, logistics and automatized material handling are the main fields of application for our machine guarding and modular guard systems. We provide a full design, build & installation service.

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Technical Specifications

On-Site Service & Consultation


Analysis and estimation

Analysis and estimation

Our sales and design team can work with you to determine the type of safety guards that will fit your application, taking into account factors such as how often you need access to the machinery, how much space you have to work with and the budget for the project.

Field services

Field services

  • Routine maintenance, installation, and startup
  • Problem analysis, diagnosis, and corrective action
  • Relocation & installation services
Assembly & Installation Service

Assembly & Installation Service

For those customers not wishing to assemble and install the guarding systems themselves, we provide this service through our own highly qualified technician or via our network of approved assembly teams. We will complete the mechanical and electrical installation on site as well as provide future service calls.

Turnkey service

Turnkey service

We offer a turnkey approach for all services needed including experienced personnel, complete tooling, project planning and scheduling your safety projects large or small.

One of our service representatives would be more than happy to do a complete analysis and estimation of your machine guarding needs.
Please contact us for more information.