Machine Safeguarding & Machinery Modular Guard Systems

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Your Prismont specialist can analyze your needs and make recommendations that meet safety standards (CSA /OSHA / ISO/ etc.) and enhance your workers’ safety while keeping in mind that your main priority is the plant’s productivity and efficiency.

Manufacturing factories, machine shop, tooling machines, automation, robotics, logistics and automatized material handling are the main fields of application for our machine guarding and modular guard systems. We provide a full design, build & installation service.

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Produits offerts

Machine guarding

Protective equipment to reduce any risks related to machines' usage

Perimeter protection fencing

Our fully reconfigurable equipment can be equipped with safety switches that turn off the power to the machines when necessary

Electrical Products and Safety Devices

Adjustable lamps for Machine tools and Safety microswitches

Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes

Tool allowing for a safe sanding on lathes and protecting the operator by eliminating the risks associated with the use of his hands

Air Filtration

Our Micronfilter products fit a highly engineered, resistant but light fan, capable of providing excellent throughput using much less energy than competitors.

Safety light curtains

FSafety light curtains product range by Keyence