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Domino SSR

Profile support system for structural profiles extruded in aluminum and positionable on the left
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Product Description

Domino SSR

Profile support system

  • For structural profiles extruded in aluminum
  • Positionable on the left


  • Retractable vertical rollers manually operated by lever
  • Supporting feet repositionable along the roller conveyor
  • Fixed vertical rollers
  • Horizontal idler rollers, steel with PVC coated, for the support of the profile
Additional Information
Technical Specifications
Models Domino SSR 260 Domino SSR 460
Operational working length 4000 mm
Useful width of support 435 mm
Diameter of the vertical roller 47 mm
Diameter of the horizontal roller 56 mm
Step of the horizontal rollers 500 mm
Height at the point of support (optimal) 900 mm
Height at the point of support (adjustable) 868 – 948/td>
Compressed air supply - 7 bar
Air consumption per working cycle - 3 Nl
Length ± 4254 mm
Width ± 640 mm ± 840 mm
Height ± 1125 mm
Weight ± 63 kg ± 85 kg