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Lesther F2-460AW

Delivered with an automatic chip conveyor, our Lesther F2-460AW is fitted with an independant roller feed bed and vice system which prevents any contact on the side of the material to be cut.
Lesther - Column Type Full Automatic Bandsaw - Lesther F2-460AW

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Product Description

Column Type Fully Automatic Bandsaws

For precise cuts, Montfort offers you its Lesther F2-460AW, an automatic column type sawing machine with an independent roller feed bed and vice system. Delivered with an automatic chip conveyor.

When considering the purchase of a fully automatic bandsaw, the design and quality of the material feed system is the most important factor, as ultimately the design of the feed system will determine the reliability and accuracy of the cut pieces.

Our Lesther F2-460AW is equipped with an independent feed vice system. This prevents any contact on the sides of the material, which would have made the cut length accuracy inconsistent.

These independant systems, combined with our roller feed bed, significantly reduces the force required to feed the material

Standard Equipment

  • Hydraulic blade tension
  • Variable speed drive
  • 9-times feeding counter
  • Automatic chip conveyor
  • Tool box

Optional Equipment

  • NC control system
  • Vice pressure regulator
  • Nesting fixture


  • With PLC control unit for all machine function
  • Full stroke vise cylinder
  • Infinitely variable band speed
  • Digital readout index
  • With auto-head elevator and quick approach bar
  • Sawframe is tited by approximately 2° for easy penetration of sawblade and less burr at the end of the cut when cutting squares.(Optional)
  • Hydraulic blade tension holds proper tension for cuts and releases it upon shut-off which keeps the blade life
  • Motion detector to shut the machine down in case of blade breakage or jam
  • Power drive blade brush to ensure that all chips are removed from the blade to maximize blade life
  • Both rear vice jaws are fitted with retract on the return stroke to allow feeding of deformed or bent meterials and to prevent scoring of material
  • Independent feed bed and vice system to provide accurate material positioning
  • The vicejaws are fitted with full stroke cylinders to minimize maintenance
  • The machine will process any length from 3-9999mm(NC) fully automatically and will shut down when the preset number of Material is reached
  • The NC controller can be programmed offline on a computer
  • Hydraulically controlled cutting pressure sensing system to minimize cutting time and maximize blade life

Additional Information
Technical Specifications
Model F2-460AW
Cutting Capacity (mm)
460 x460 (HxW)
Motor Saw blade 5.5 kw
Hydraulic 1.5 kw
Coolant 0.2 kw
Blade size (mm) 5545x41x1.3
Blade speed (M/min) 20-90
Single Feed Stroke (mm) 500
Working height (mm) 700
Packing Dimensions (mm) Length 2120
Width 2970
Height 2225
Net Weight (approx.) kg. 3200
Model F2-460AW


460 x460 (HxW)
Saw blade
5.5 kw
1.5 kw
0.2 kw
5545x41x1.3 20-90 500 700 2120 2970 2225 3200