Equipment for Machining Aluminum

Lesther J-Auto 20R

NC Fully Automatic Rotary Table Angular Sawing Machine
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Product Description

Lesther J-Auto 20R


  • When you push the "saw start" button the machine performs feed material, rotary angle , clamping material and cutting automatically. The saw blade moves upward for cutting. Meanwhile, do not keep the hand under the safe ground
  • The pressure is adjustable to prevent distortion materials by over force
  • The clamping and saw feeding height are adjustable which according to the profile to adjustment. This way is for shorten the waiting time
  • The worktable can be rotary for adjusted the cutting angle
  • Auto oil mist system can lubricate and coolant the saw blade to prolong the saw blade life
  • Two servo motors control for puncher system and rotary table
  • NC controller provides user-friendly operations
  • Employs human/ machine interface touch sensing screen for maximum operation convenience. The controller features self-diagnostic function
  • That is displayed on the screen for convenient troubleshooting
  • 100 suites memory commonly used module. (per suite can be setup for 12 different kinds of cutting size.)
  • The program can record the cutting time and cutting quantity automatically. This information will be displayed for every cutting & a working report offered. This design allows the process cost to be calculated more conveniently

Optional Equipment

  • Outfeed Roller Table
  • Chip Collector
  • Hydraulic Feeding
Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Model Lesther J-Auto 20R
Applicable Machine Lesther J-20 equipped with Lesther J-AUTO 3000
Automatic Cutting Angle + 45° ~ 0 ° ~ - 45 °
Saw blade Sizes 20" x 1" bore
Spindle Speed 2,800 R.P.M.
Motor 7.5 HP
Air Pressure 4 - 6 kg/cm²
Table Area 920 x 650 mm
Table Height Form Floor 875 mm
Rotary Table Drive Servomotor 400 w
Feed Drive Servomotor 400 w (750W opt.)
Max. Feed Length 3.2 ~7.2 m opt.(working size 2.5m~6.5m opt.)
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.15mm
Max. Pushing Force 50 kgs
Max. Holding Force 50 kgs
Positioning Speed 20 - 50 m/min
Max. Memory 100 sets
Touch-Sensing Screen 7"
Net / Gross weight 1,100 kgs / 1,400 kgs
Machine Dimensions ( LxWxH ) 8,400 x 1,100 x 1,850 mm
Packing Dimensions ( LxWxH ) 8,520 x 1,220 x 2,050 mm