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Lesther - Metal Handing system

Very cost-effective Metal Handing system for bandsaws comprised of Powered/Unpowered roller conveyors.
Lesther - Metal Handing system - Sawing & Cutting Machines  - Lesther

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Product Description

Lesther - Metal Handing system

The material handling system is comprised of Powered/Unpowered roller conveyors; Powered cross transfer conveyors and Measuring Feeder or Length stop, providing a very cost-effective and customizable material handling system for structural steel profiles.

Additional Information
Technical Specifications

Powered/Unpowered 600-1400 mm wide Roller Conveyors.

  • 2000mm; 3000mm and 5000mm length roller converyors
  • Electric drive motor with variable speed
  • Chain-drive Clutch as an option (powered)

Electrically powered Cross Transfer Conveyors

  • Standard 6000mm, 4-arm or 5-arm systems
  • Chain-driven transports
  • Electric drive motor with variable speed

Measuring Feeder or length Stop

  • Servo motor drive with linear guideways; precision rack and pinion
  • Measuring Feeder feed stroke 2300mm and available up to 15M
  • Measuring Length stop available up to 15M