Sawing & Cutting Machines

For all your metallurgical manufacturing needs, we offer durable, efficient and affordable sawing and cutting machines.
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Blades & Band Saws

With IDEAL bandsaw blades, you will reduce your cutting and manufacturing costs considerably. These blades offer productivity and longevity. Quick delivery! 1 to 3 days for any product already in stock
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Industrial Lubricants & Filtration

The widest range of industrial lubricants to meet all your requirements: environmental, to reduce your costs, for your employees' safety or performance.
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Tribofinishing & Deburring Machines

A wide range for all your finishing, polishing and deburring needs. Montfort International Ltd offers a wide range of high-performance tribofinishing machines and sanding tools to increase your productivity and reduce costs.
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Industrial Equipment

Let our qualified staff guide you to high-performance equipment that will allow you to increase your productivity and the quality of your products.
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Machine Safeguarding & Modular Machine Guards

Online sale of industrial safety equipment and turnkey installation service of perimeter safety guarding systems for hazardous areas.

Qui sommes-nous

Sécurisation des machines et réduction du risque en usine

Montfort InternationalMC/TM est un fabricant et distributeur d’équipements manufacturiers et outillages industriels. Depuis 1989, nous aidons nos clients à accroître l’efficacité de leurs opérations et la qualité de leurs produits, tout en réduisant les risques liés à l’utilisation des machines et des robots industriels.

La sécurité sur le lieu de travail est d’une importance capitale pour Montfort International. C’est pourquoi la division de Sécurisation industrielle PRISMONTMC/TM a été lancée en 2009. PRISMONTMC/TM propose une très large gamme de produits de sécurité conçus pour répondre à toutes les directives OSHA, ANSI et européennes relatives à la sécurité au travail.

Sécurisation des machines & réduction du risque en usine

Usine de fabrication, atelier d’usinage, machines-outils, robot industriel et automatisation sont les principaux domaines d’application de nos solutions de sécurisation et équipements de protection.

Avec l’équipe PRISMONTMC/TM , vous bénéficierez d’un service complet de conception et d’installation. Vous pouvez compter sur notre équipe dynamique et nos partenaires hautement qualifiés pour vous conseiller sur les solutions, produits et services de sécurité.

Who Are We

Work Faster, Better, Smarter and Safer

At Montfort International ltdMC/TM, we strive day after day to optimize our customers operations, reduce their production costs and provide a safe environment for their team.

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A Turnkey Service

We are a Quebec-owned company that innovates with our integrated turnkey services (from design to installation) and our multi-disciplinary team.

Since 1989, on the strength of our experiences, we excelle in several business sectors. Such as: manufacturing and processing companies, energy, infrastructure, aeronautics, industrial distribution, public and para-public organizations and so many others.

Present across Canada as well as internationally on all continents, our organization relies on the values of listening, collaboration, and thoroughness to surround itself only with the best talents and partners in the pursuit of its mission.

Our products and services are grouped into 6 divisions

Sawing & Cutting

At Montfort, you will find the largest inventory of bandsaw blades and sawing and cutting machines in Canada. High-performance sawing machines, ranging from small manual band saws to large, fully automated machines with conveyors and offering complete cutting programs. The bandsaw blades are welded and assembled here by our team.

Industrial Lubricants & Liquid Filtration

Whether it’s for metal machining, cutting or grinding, Montfort can provide you with the best lubricant and equipment for your environmental, budget and/or performance requirements.

Machine Safeguarding & Modular Guard Systems

Manufacturing factories, machine shop, tooling machines, automation, robotics, logistics and automatized material handling are the main fields of application for our machine guarding and modular guard systems. We provide a full design, build & installation service.

Industrial Finishing & Deburring

Equipment that boosts your productivity by simplifying and reducing the time required for finishing, polishing or deburring your parts. Tribofinishing machines (vibrating bowls), safe sanding tools for lathes, and many others.

Technical Services, Spares & Repairs

For routine maintenance, installation and start-up assistance, planned outages or complex repairs, turn to Mecapro Field Service for prompt, professional single-source services, no matter where you are located.

Industrial Equipment

Montfort International is a leading distributor of industrial machineries, tools, equipment and accessories. We offer innovative products to commercial industries and institutions. An overview of the range of products: welding machines, conveyor systems, equipment for machining aluminum, drilling tools and more.

Montfort, An Experienced Company

Did you know that Montfort International has been in the field since 1989?

We began our operations on September 25, 1989. Our founder, Raymond Thériault, had already been active for several years in the tooling and industrial equipment industry.

A Global Presence

Montfort buys and sells on all continents. Our products are found in more than 120 countries!

Our location in the heart of Quebec City gives us the opportunity to ship very quickly. Orders on our most popular products are delivered in less than 24 hours.

Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Customers

We are present in all manufacturing environments, including aeronautics, metal manufacturing and processing, machining, mining and forestry industries, foundries, carpentry, etc.

We also supply products and services for various public and parapublic institutions and organizations (Hydro-Québec, Energir, etc.) as well as municipalities, trade schools, universities, among others.

Complete and Varied Inventories

Montfort invests a lot of time and ressources to find the best products and equipment. Our inventories, available in large quantities, allow us to quickly find the perfect product for your needs.

Technical Advisors for All Regions of Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada

No matter where you are, for each division, we have a technical advisor ready to meet you.

A Dedicated After-Sales Service Team

Montfort's customer service does not end with the purchase of a product. Our mobile team of technicians and electromechanics will then always be at your service, whether for routine maintenance, installation or start-up of your machines, analysis and diagnosis of problems, relocation of machines or equipment or for applying the warranty. The team of Montfort technicians support all our divisions by installing, maintaining and guaranteeing our equipment.

We Make Sure To Meet Many Safety and Industrial Standards

Industry standard regulations change from country to country. Trust Montfort International to advise you on the appropriate product for your country's standards. Equipment and products meet one or more of these standards: CA , CSA , ​​CE or CUL.

We Are on The Lookout for New Technologies

We are committed to staying at the forefront of all new technological and industrial innovations, which allows us to offer effective advice and equipment as well as a wider range of products.

A Multidisciplinary Team to Support You in Your Projects

Discover the installation and commissioning of industrial machines expertise of the Mécapro Montfort team. They move to your factory, to your workshop, and effectively meet your needs for improvement; from development to installation.

A Turnkey Service

At Montfort International, we strive day after day to optimize our customers operations, reduce their production costs and provide a safe environment for their team. Our multidisciplinary team stands out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with tailor-made solutions, equipment and tools notorious for their reliability and excellent value for money.

The Mecapro Expertise

Expert Service Since 1989
By entrusting your equipment to the expert hands of the Montfort technicians, you can benefit from an increase in your productivity, an improvement in the lifetimes of your blades and equipment and a reduction in downtime and rejects.

A Customized Product

You Need Something Specific?
We stand out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with equipment specifically chosen for YOU.

Unrivaled Quality

Superior Performance
A superior machine will allow you to increase the efficiency of your operations while reducing their production costs.

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