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For all your metallurgical manufacturing needs, we offer durable, efficient and affordable sawing and cutting machines.
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Blades & Band Saws

With IDEAL bandsaw blades, you will reduce your cutting and manufacturing costs considerably. These blades offer productivity and longevity. Quick delivery! 1 to 3 days for any product already in stock
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Industrial Lubricants & Filtration

The widest range of industrial lubricants to meet all your requirements: environmental, to reduce your costs, for your employees' safety or performance.
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Tribofinishing & Deburring Machines

A wide range for all your finishing, polishing and deburring needs. Montfort International Ltd offers a wide range of high-performance tribofinishing machines and sanding tools to increase your productivity and reduce costs.
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Industrial Equipment

Let our qualified staff guide you to high-performance equipment that will allow you to increase your productivity and the quality of your products.
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Machine Safeguarding & Modular Machine Guards

Online sale of industrial safety equipment and turnkey installation service of perimeter safety guarding systems for hazardous areas.

Our Videos

Discover the best industrial products on the market

Montfort does more than offer you innovative solutions. We offer visual support to help you select the perfect product for your plant.
Manual vertical cutting machine
T2000S TR
Semiautomatic vertical cutting machine for roll cutting
POLYBIO 650 AL: Aeronautical Machining Oil
POLYBIO 650 AL is a water-soluble cooling lubricant, intended for difficult aeronautical machining operations. Effective at low concentrations, it improves surface conditions and reduces scrap to optimize your overall costs.
Finishing Linear Vibrator LESTHER 2016
Finishing device with a capacity of 0.07 m³. Tub dimensions 395 x 500 and 400 mm deep. Ceramic abrasive used: Triangle 22° - 16 x 20 mm, Grade - FAX44.
LESTHER Equipment and Sawing Machines
Résumé de la gamme LESTHER de machines à scier et tronçonneuses. Scies à ruban automatiques, semi-automatiques et verticales.
CDL 26Q Machining Center - 30Q by Rinaldi
Summary of the LESTHER range of sawing and cutting machines. Automatic, semi-automatic and vertical band saws.
Compact Vibratory Finishing Machine LESTHER 4616
Using the LESTHER 4616 heavy-duty deburring and finishing machine.
BIANCO 420 M R Sawing Machine
Presentation of the Bianco 420 M R, a manual bandsawing machine equipped with a big dimensions slewing ring and a graduated scale. Cutting capacities up to 60°right and 45° left.
LESTHER 2016 Metal Finisher
LESTHER 2016 Metal Finisher is a compact vibratory finishing machine with filtration unit.
LESTHER P2-800DMA Sawing Machine
Rotation of the LESTHER P2-800DMA sawing machine, an automatic CNC column type sawing machine with double miter cut. Equipped with twin columns with linear guideways for better cutting stability and accuracy.
MST IPA | Inside Polishing Attachment
Make your polishing operations safer with our MST-IPA inside polishing attachment. Allows polishing and rectification operations of inner tubes on conventional lathes without the direct use of hands.
MST-SBH | Lathes Sanding Belt Holder
Safe sanding on lathes. It protects the operator by eliminating the risks associated with the use of his hands. It provides maintenance of abrasive belts for sanding, polishing and deburring operations on turning lathes.
J-T5 Double Head Cutting Machine
Automatic Double Head Tilting & Rotary Sawing Machine with automatic saw tilting at 0 ~ 45˚ degrees and an automatic ±0 ~ 67.5˚ degrees rotary worktable.
LESTHER P2-550DMA Sawing Machine
Using the Lesther P2-550DMA, a CNC sawing machine with double miter cutting.
LESTHER P2-5050DMA Sawing Machine
Machine à scier CNC avec alimentation et coupe à onglet automatique pour la coupe de poutres et tuyaux.
LESTHER P2-5030DMA Sawing Machine
CNC sawing machine with feed and automatic miter cutting for beams and pipes.
LESTHER P2-500DMA Sawing Machine
CNC sawing machine with feed and automatic miter cutting for beams and pipes.
Unist Coolubricator System
Since 1957, UNIST has been developing and improving a range of cutting fluid or lubricant dispensers meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers. The rigorously designed UNI-MAX range represents an economical and efficient response to fluid application with a very limited impact on the environment.
Tyro CPM 22 28 Manual Drilling Machine
Presentation of the Tyro CPM 22/28 machine accompanied by a parts feeding system.
Fitramag: Assembly and Cleaning
How to mount and clean your Eclipse Magnetics' Filtramag.
Rinaldi PAN22 Copy Router
Manually-operated copy router for aluminium profiles
LESTHER F2C-460 Sawing Machine
Using the LESTHER F2C-460 ACN automatic column sawing machine, which features independent feed and vice systems and a digital readout index
Blades Welding
ALL blades are welded to the highest quality standards in our Quebec City workshop.

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