Sawing & Cutting Machines

For all your metallurgical manufacturing needs, we offer durable, efficient and affordable sawing and cutting machines.
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Blades & Band Saws

With IDEAL bandsaw blades, you will reduce your cutting and manufacturing costs considerably. These blades offer productivity and longevity. Quick delivery! 1 to 3 days for any product already in stock
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Industrial Lubricants & Filtration

The widest range of industrial lubricants to meet all your requirements: environmental, to reduce your costs, for your employees' safety or performance.
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Tribofinishing & Deburring Machines

A wide range for all your finishing, polishing and deburring needs. Montfort International Ltd offers a wide range of high-performance tribofinishing machines and sanding tools to increase your productivity and reduce costs.
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Industrial Equipment

Let our qualified staff guide you to high-performance equipment that will allow you to increase your productivity and the quality of your products.
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Machine Safeguarding & Modular Machine Guards

Online sale of industrial safety equipment and turnkey installation service of perimeter safety guarding systems for hazardous areas.

Magnetic Filters

Our Magnetic Filters Give your Company a Competitive Edge

How Magnetic Filters Works

Magnetic filtration allows for fluid to flow around a magnetic rod or core. This magnet attract ferrous particles and removes them from fluids. Clean fluid can then be returned to the machine.

Why Use Magnetic Filters

Magnetic coolant filters remove ferrous particles much more efficiently than other filtration types. Traditional barrier or media filters are limited by the size of its pores; if pores are too big, the contamination continues to circulates freely, but if they are too small, the filter can become clogged. Advanced magnetic filtration solves these problems. In addition, there are fully automatic 24/7 magnetic filtration systems, providing minimal downtime.

Magnetic Filters Reduce Operating Costs

Reduced Expenses on Consumable Filters
Magnetic filters replace media filters and significantly reduces the consumption of disposable filter media such as paper, bands, cartridges, and socks.

Minimal Fluid Loss

With magnetic filters, contamination is removed from the filter as a semi-dry cake and the majority of residue fluid can be recovered.

Minimal Running Costs

Manually cleaned magnetic filters require no additional power or consumable parts in their day-to-day operation. Automated cleaning versions require small amounts of power but no other consumable parts.

Continuous 24/7 operation

Once set up, automated magnetic filters can run unmanned and without any need for stoppages or downtime.

Magnetic Filters Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduced Waste Disposal
Magnetic filters make a positive contribution to the environment by reducing the usage of disposable filters. The ferrous waste collected by the magnetic filter can be recycled. This is impossible with media filters because contamination sticks to the filter media and becomes sludge, which is often considered as hazardous and requires specialist disposal.

Magnetic Filters Reduce Health and Safety Risks

Magnetic filtration does not strip anti-bacterial properties from fluids, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial development and also considerably reduces the risk of human contact with such bacterias. Our automated filtration systems remove the need for operators to come into contact with contaminated fluids.

The Montfort Benefits

A multidisciplinary team to accompany you in your projects
They move to your factory, to your workshop, and effectively meet your needs for improvement; from development to installation.
Unrivaled quality and a customized product
We stand out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with equipment and tools notorious for their reliability and excellent value for money.
A remarkable After-Sales Support
The team of Montfort technicians support all our divisions by installing, maintaining and guaranteeing our equipment.