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Micromag Compact & High-Performance Magnetic Filter

Compact, high-performance machine tool filter, rapid return on investment. Environmentally friendly filter system - Promotes waste reduction

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A multidisciplinary team to accompany you in your projects
A remarkable After-Sales Support
Unrivaled quality and a customized product

Micromag Magnetic Filter

The patented, compact Micromag magnetic filter can provide major cost, quality and environmental benefits to precision machining processes such as grinding, honing, lapping, drilling and EDM applications. With a high collection capacity relative to size it offers a fine particle collection performance with a low initial investment. Ideal for a variety of metal cutting fluids, oils, coolants and other CNC fluids, Micromag provides fine particle filtration without stripping away key properties of the fluids.

Micromag offers significant benefits in comparison to traditional filtration benefits such as reduced costs on consumable filters, increased fluid life , improved product quality and significant reductions in filter and fluid disposal. We can also offer a mobile version for using off-line which is easy to move from machine to machine. Available in 3 sizes (Micromag, Micromag, Micromag HP50 and Micromag HP80) to suit different flow rates this high performance coolant filtration or separation system significantly reduces the need for traditiotional bag filters, cartridge filters or paper band filters or other traditional cutting fluid and coolant filters.

How it Works

Ferrous particle contaminated fluid enters the inlet port where it is dispersed by the unique tapered radial flow channels. Fluid passes down the outside of the centrally mounted rare earth/Neodymium magnetic core which captures fine ferrous particles along its length, resulting in excellent filtration efficiency including the filnest of particles.

The geometry of the magnetic flux circuit means that contamination builds up in a controlled way, ensuring that the filter can never block, irrespective of how much contamination is held. Channels remain open allowing fluid to continue to flow freely.

The filtered fluid flows through the return slots located in the upper section of the magnetic core, down through the centre and clean, polished cutting fluid exits through the outlet port. The unit is cleaned simply and quickly with a purpose made cleaning tool which scrapes away the ferrous particles, A fully contaminated core can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. Only metallic or ferrous particles are removed from the filter and these can be easily disposed. There are no dirty disposable filter media such as cartridges or bag, paper filters to dispose of, clean fully functional fluids return to the machine.

High Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Sub-micron filtration: if the particle is magnetic, even partially, Micromag will capture it. Elimination of abrasives and non-magnetic materials by hetero-coagulation. Visual inspection of the filtered liquid and contaminants collected./p>

  • No consumables required
  • No liquid lost during the replacement of a soggy cartridge
  • No pressure drop, even when loaded with contaminants, thanks to the patented configuration of the magnetic circuit.
  • No maintenance required.The operator only needs to intervene for cleaning.
  • Less downtime, so higher productivity.

Environmentally Friendly

Contaminants are collected in a homogeneous material that can be recycled. No dirty cartridge discarded. Liquids stay effective longer, so you change them less often.


  • Manual clean magnetic coolant filter can be easily installed on new or existing equipment
  • Environmentally friendly filter system - Promotes waste reduction
  • High-intensity Neodymium magnetic core and optimised fluid flow orientation
  • Removes almost 100% of ferrous contamination including fine particles
  • High collection capacity relative to size
  • Non-block magnetic circuit design
  • Rapid return on investment, low-cost option

Technical Specifications

Product number Flow rate l / min Contamination capacity kg Max. operating pressure psi / bar Connection: NPT (in) Temperature range °C Weight kgs Construction Dimensions mm
MM5 70 0.9 12 1 5 – 50 3.15 Corps et couvercle en aluminium avec tube en inox. 190 105 95
MM10 100 2 12 1 5 – 50 5.2 Corps et couvercle en aluminium avec tube en inox. 315 125 100
MM20 150 4 12 1 1/2 5 – 50 9.7 Corps et couvercle en aluminium avec tube en inox. 605 135 100


Maximum Pressure 12 Bar
Magnetic Performance High intensity
Circuit Design Open
Magnetic Material rare earth neodymium iron boron
Magnet Grade N45 – Inspected & confirmed via hystergraph prior to use
Temperature 5°– 50°C

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