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    Erlo SHE Serie Automatic Benchtop Tapping and Drilling Machine

    Benchtop tapping and drilling machine with manual drilling feed, automatic tapping feed and transmission gears. Drilling capacity: 30 mm (1 3/16"). Tapping capacity: M 25.
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    Benchtop Tapping Machine with Pattern Spindle Threading Automatic Feed

    • Feed pattern spindle threading automatic
    • Manual drilling feed
    • Transmission gears
    • Column diameter: 100 mm
    • Distance from spindle to column: 250 mm
    • Fixed table, moveable and rotating bit
    • Tapping capacity: M 25
    • Spindle cone: CM 3
    • Engine power: 2 HP
    • Num. and selections of speeds: (8) 65 – 3060 rpm
    • Drilling depth: 90 mm
    • Weight: 300 kg
    • Cooling equipment: Optional
    • Light equipment

    Standard Equipment

    • Table/base with “T” slots
    • Adjustable depth end
    • Lighting equipment
    • Tool ejector
    • 1 lead screw included, pitch to be determined
    • Tapping cycle selection (1 cycle / continuous cycle)
    • Automatic or manual tapping selection
    • Adjustable ends and micros, for depth, turning and stop
    • Bracking device for variator
    • Emergency push button
    • Main switch
    • Turning sense selector
    • Electrical equipment at low voltage
    • Electrical equipment in a separate cabinet
    • Drill guard with stop micro
    • CE norms

    Optional Equipement

    • Frontal wheel for fine sensitive feed (only for SHE serie)
    • Depth digital reader
    • Lead screw, special pitch
    • Lead screw, standard pitch
    • Cycles counter
    • Fixed intermediate table
    • Rotating intermediate table
    • Column supplement
    • Cycle start foot switch
    • Non reversible tap holder, capacity M3 to M16 with locking nut
    • Coolant equipment

    Available Models

    • SHE.30
    • SHEA.30

    Technical Specifications

    MODEL SHE.30 SHEA.30
    TRANSMISSION GEARS (Hardened and grounded) GEARS (Hardened and grounded)
    SPEED NUMBER AND RANGE (WITHOUT VARIATOR). (8) 65 - 125 - 185 - 365 - 540 - 1.055 - 1.560 - 3.060 rpm (8) 65 - 125 - 185 - 365 - 540 - 1.055 - 1.560 - 3.060 rpm
    NUMBER AND RANGE OF FEEDS - (2) 0,10-0,20
    MAIN MOTOR POWER MOTOR 1500 rpm. 2 HP 2 HP
    DISTANCE SPINDLE-COLUMN 250 mm 250 mm/td>
    DISTANCE SPINDLE-TABLE (MODELS WITHOUT COOLANT) Min. 155 / Max. 485 mm Min. 155 / Max. 485 mm
    DISTANCE SPINDLE-TABLE (MODELS WITH COOLANT) Min. 225 / max. 555 mm Min. 225 / max. 555 mm
    COLUMN DIAMETER Ø100 mm Ø100 mm
    DIMENSIONS OF THE TABLE/BASE (WITHOUT COOLANT) 270 x 270 mm 270 x 270 mm
    DIMENSIONS OF THE TABLE/BASE (WITH COOLANT) 316 x 288 mm 316 x 288 mm
    WEIGHT: NET / GROSS Kg. WITH BASE CABINET 290 / 340 Kg 290 / 340 Kg
    PACKAGING DIMENSIONS AND VOLUME WITH BASE CABINET 1100 x 700 x 2250 mm 1100 x 700 x 2250 mm

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