Drilling tools

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  • Drilling tools


    Flowdrill is a solid tungsten carbide tool for friction drilling, capable of locally displacing material to form increased material thickness.
  • Cold forming tap


    The Flowtap is a cold forming tap that creates formed threads by material displacement. It is recommended to use a Flowtap instead of a cutting tap, to prevent weakening of the threaded wall due to metal removal.
  • Flowdrilling Accessories

    Tool holders & collets

    Our high quality tool holders from Swiss origin, incorporate an aluminium cooling ring. This disperses the heat from the process away from the drilling machine, allowing for continuous production.
  • Flowdrilling Paste

    Flowdrill Paste for Steel & Inox

    Flowdrill Paste for Steel & Inox has been specifically designed to improve tool lifetime during friction drilling operations on steel and stainless steel.
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