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Small Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes
Very easy to use! The MST-SBH 4.0 tool will allow a safe sanding on lathes. It protects the operator; eliminating the risks associated with the use of his hands.
 MST SBH 4.0 EXTRA - Small Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes  -   Tribofinishing & Deburring Machines  - Prismont

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Product Description

Small Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes

This tool attached to the existing tool post from conventional lathes. It provided maintenance of abrasive belts for sanding, polishing and deburring operations on turning lathes. It is designed to fit the different diameters of machined parts. (100% Quebec innovation in patent pending) The device makes no direct use of hands (for greater operator safety).

Additional Information
Technical Specifications
SBH 4.0 EXTRA Max.Ø A B C Belt
1 21'' 20'' 24'' 1" 4'' X 71''
2 24'' 22'' 22'' 1" 4'' X 71''
3 26'' 24'' 20'' 1" 4'' X 71''