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The 12 Sawing Secrets

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In order to get better productivity in your workshops and a longer service life of your band saw blades, it is important to follow certain precautions and to properly maintain the equipment used.

  1. Check the coolant level every day. Drain the coolant every 2 months. Clean the tank regularly and especially before adding a new coolant.
  2. Lubricate the sawing machine daily.
  3. Check daily for leakage from the reduction box. Change the oil on every 10,000 hours of operation or every two years.
  4. Before working on the hydraulic pump:
    1. Lower the bow to the lowest position.
    2. Turn the hydraulic pump switch off.
    3. Check the oil level and add if necessary up to the level of the indicator.
    4. Drain annually.
  5. Check the hydraulic connections every four weeks for leaks. Tighten the hydraulic and electrical connections.
  6. Examine the saw brush every ten hours and adjust if necessary. Make sure the bristles of the brush touch 2/3 of the back of the teeth and make sure of its effectiveness. Do not hesitate to change the brushes.
  7. Clean the guides after each saw change. Make sure the guides are not clogged with dirt, especially if you use a spray system (UNIST type).
  8. Be sure to clean the flywheel housings every time you change the band.
  9. Remove the chips regularly from the machine and thoroughly clean the machine after 100 hours of operation. Do not forget the cutting fluid container.
  10. Change the backup battery in your PLC every five years to avoid any loss of data. The switch must be in the on position when changing the battery.
  11. Using a quality cutting fluid such as our GLOBE 355, which offers you great protection and control over corrosion and rancidity and helps keep band and work surfaces clean.
  12. Note, it is important to dispose of liquids or other waste so as to respect the local rules of the environment.
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