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KASTOhba U Semi-Automatic & Hydraulic Bandsawing Machine

Fully hydraulic and semi-automatic high-performance bandsawing machine of robust construction, with saw blade moving parallel in horizontal direction, for cutting of profiles, tubes and solid material of all qualities and of material which is difficult to cut (e.g. titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel).
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  • Hydraulic horizontal clamping vise with side shift cylinder of the fixed clamping jaw
  • Saw head and band guides adjust automatically via light barriers to material height and material width.
  • Hydraulically preloaded carbide slide guides of the saw blade
  • Hydraulic and electronic control of saw blade tensioning
  • Protective fence on infeed side

Well-Thought-Out Design for Greater Effectiveness

The large bandsaws of the KASTOhba series combine modern machine tool design and KASTO’s extensive experience in the efficient, cost-effective cutting of large workpieces. This combination results in exceptionally solid construction, high rigidity and extremely good vibration dampening, short cutting times and high cutting performance. These are the outstanding features for effective utilization in the engineering industry and tool manufacture, heavy industry, shipbuilding and forging as well as in the steel production and steel service centre industries.

A Wide Variety in Sizes Adapts to Individual Requirements

Three machine sizes cover the cutting ranges from 1.060 x 1.260 mm (KASTOhba 10 x 12) to 1.320 x 1.720 mm (KASTOhba 13 x 17). All three sizes are available as semi-automatic machines KASTOhba U and as fully automatic machines KASTOhba A. For the larger models there are either roller conveyors with feed vices for handling of very long work pieces, or NC-controlled movable ball screw feed tables in the delivery program. Upon request, additional well-thought-out equipment for cutting with carbide tipped saw blades is available. A wide range of accessories allows any model of machine to be tailored to the tasks at hand.

Rigid, Polymer Casting Saw Head Construction: Designed for Fast Cutting

The outstanding rigidity of the saw head (a composite construction of steel and polymer casting) ensures superb vibration dampening, quiet running of the saw blade and high cutting accuracy. The KASTOhba twin column machines cut profiles, tubes and solids up to a width of 1.720 mm fast and very clean. The superior stability of the polymer casting construction is especially important when sawing difficult to cut materials, resulting in shorter cutting times and longer saw blade life.

Precise and Virtually Maintenance-Free Guides: Your Guarantee for Durability and Repetitive Accuracy

Automatic material feed is assured with accurately controllable ball screw. Precise, large dimensioned guides guarantee accurate material feeds at all times. The saw feed takes place at ground and hardened rails via adjustable, pretensioned rollers or playfree, virtually friction-free linear guides. This ensures constant and repeatable feed values.

For Economic Cuts up to 1.260 mm: KASTOhba A 10 x 12

  • Higher blade speed: 15 - 190 m/min, required power 18 kW
  • Adaptable, extremely strong gearbox for saw blade drive
  • Hydraulic separation of band clamping and band guide
  • Special blade guides for carbide tipped blades
  • Adaptable saw feed control for beginning and end of cut
  • Control of minimum rpm
  • Adjustable chip removal brush; optional: automatically self-adjusting brush

Carbide packages are available for each size of the KASTOhba!

KASTOhba Series – Additional Options

  • Special cutting speeds
  • Extended saw feed control for feeds less than 1 mm/min for extremely difficult to cut material
  • Central lubrication system
  • Preselectable automatic incline of saw unit by 1°. Ideal for trim cuts of forged or scaled material.
  • Extension of material support table up to 6.000 mm (236.22”)
  • Additional, strong horizontal vice
  • Device for perpendicular set-up and clamping of short, heavy remnants: Two electro-magnets and an electronic control unit
  • Hydraulic alignment device with separate hydraulic unit to align heavy workpieces on the infeed table
  • Heavy-duty, rail-guided material cart for long shafts
  • Pendulum operation for fast change between two workpieces (table version)

Performance in Every Respect is its Aim: KASTOhba A 13

Fast and safe cutting

The KASTOhba 13 offers a cutting range of 1.320 x 1.320 mm with square material. With an 11 kW saw drive, the bi-metal or carbide tipped saw blades cut even difficult to cut material efficiently. The hydraulic horizontal vice offers a side shift cylinder of the fixed clamping jaw for safe material transport. The KASTO EasyControl with memory for repeat cutting jobs and characteristic material features for operating the fully automatic KASTOhba A 13 contributes considerably to economical cutting, providing at the same time an extraordinary safety package.

Factory standard equipment

  • Saw frame and blade guide arms adjust fully automatically to material height and width via light barriers
  • Saw control KASTO EasyControl (accessory)
  • Feed control with KASTO Universal Hydraulics UH provides long blade life and accurate cuts due to precise feed control – even with extremely slow feeds
  • Cut monitoring KASTO BandControl
  • Hydraulically pretensioned carbide slideways of saw blade
  • Hydraulic and electrical control of saw blade tensioning
  • Attached hydraulic system is easily accessible
  • Safety barrier on infeed side
  • Chip conveyor, designed to handle long chips
  • Chip removal brush, motor-driven

KASTO Saw Controls: Optimal for Every Application

KASTO saw controls are principally based on industrial PCs and are available in different power levels but with a standardised Look and Feel. The colour touch screen, icon-based operator guidance, the online language switching, and an extensive process visualisation allow for easy handling and efficient order processing. The integrated Soft-PLC is programmed in STEP 7® for simplified diagnostics.

KASTO BasicControl

  • The optimum control for easy handling and save sawing
  • Industrial PC with 5.7“-colour touch screen without hard disk.
  • Software and data management on exchangeable multi media card.
  • Input of up to 99 orders with flexible input of quantity, cut-off length and further order data.
  • Integrated technology tables for cutting speed and manual adjustment of saw feed.
  • Management and display of process data (e.g. cutting time, cycle time), tool/blade data (e.g. cut area, cutting performance) etc.
  • Extensive diagnostic functions.

KASTO EasyControl

  • The ideal control for optimum order processing
  • Industrial PC with 10“-colour touch screen without hard disk.
  • Software and data management on exchangeable multi media card.
  • Input of up to 200 orders (optionally extendible) with flexible input of order data in tabular order diagram. It is possible to copy and enter orders.
  • Integrated material and article management based on database principle.
  • Self-optimising technology database based on article, material and tool data as well as the latest process parameters. Capacity to backup the optimised technology data to the selected article.
  • Pre-calculation of order processing and machine utilisation hours of the complete order pool.
  • Storage and analysis of all processes, statistics and tool data. Output is possible onto a USB stick for further processing e.g. in Excel.
  • Extensive software options such as creating and saving of cutting lists, data export and import functions, connection to the higher-ranking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or production management systems etc.

KASTOhba Accessories

  • Safety package, recommended for unmanned operation
  • Carbide package
  • Movable operating panel, ideal with outfeed roller conveyors
  • Heating for switch cabinet, hydraulics and cooling lubricant for problem-free use in cold facilities
  • Cooling for hydraulic oil and switch cabinet
  • Infrared remote control
  • Cutting depth adjustment
  • Laser lamp
  • Infeed and outfeed periphery for different performance ranges

Technical Specifications

10 x 12
13 x 13
13 x 17
Cutting range mm 300 - 1.060
(11.81 - 41.73”)
300 - 1.320
(11.81 - 51.97”)
500 - 1.320
(19.68 - 51.97”)
Cutting range (h x w) mm 1.060 x 1.260
(41.73” x 49.61”)
1.320 x 1.320
(51.97 x 51.97”)
1.320 x 1.720
(51.97 x 67.72”)
Smallest dimension to be cut (h x w) mm 20 x 300
(0.79 x 11.81”)
20 x 300
(0.79 x 11.81”)
20 x 500
(0.79 x 19.68”)
Feed system with automatic version Support Table Support Table Support Table
Automatic feed length mm 2.100 - 6.100
(82.68”- 240.25”)
2.100 - 6.100
(82.68”- 240.25”)
2.100 - 6.100
(82.68”- 240.25”)
Shortest cut-off length mm 10
Length mm 5.720 / 1.700
(225.20 / 66.93”)
5.720 / 1.700
(225.20 / 66.93”)
5.720 / 1.700
(225.20 / 66.93”)
Machine width (including chip conveyor) mm 5.470 (6.460)
(215.35 (254.33)”)
6.000 (7.050)
(236.22 (277.56)”)
6.450 (7.450)
(253.94 (293.31)”)
Height (saw head in highest position) mm 3.420
Size of support table (l x w) mm 2.500 x 1.250
(98.42 x 49.21”)
2.500 x 1.320
(98.42 x 51.97”)
2.500 x 1.720
(98.42 x 67.72”)
Carrying capacity of support table t 20
(44.000 lbs.)
(74.800 lbs.)
(96.800 lbs.)
Material support height mm 700
Weight kg 19.100 / 10.500 20.000 / 12.100 22.000 / 14.100
Total connected power kW 20
(26.4 hp)
(26.4 hp)
(26.4 hp)
Option carbide tipped blade: Total connected power kW 27
(35.64 hp)
(35.64 hp)
(35.64 hp)
Required power saw motor kW 11
(14.52 hp)
(14.52 hp)
(14.52 hp)
Option carbide tipped blade: Required power saw motor kW 18
(23.76 hp)
(23.76 hp)
(23.76 hp)
Cutting speed (infinitely variable) m/min 12 - 90
(39.37 - 295.28’/min)
12 - 90
(39.37 - 295.28’/min)
12 - 90
(39.37 - 295.28’/min)
Saw blade dimension mm 11.430 x 80 x 1,6
(450 x 3.15 x 0.06”)
12.780 x 80 x 1,6
(503.15 x 3.15 x 0.06”)
13.460 x 80 x 1,6
(529.92 x 3.15 x 0.06”)

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