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    LESTHER J-8CS/10CS/12CS Single Head Cutting Machine

    The LESTHER J-8CS/10CS/12CS is CNC horizontal automatic panel saw for aluminium featuring an advanced computer control for maximum operation convenience, a 8 "(203,2 mm), 10" (254 mm) and 12 "(304,8 mm) cutting choice capacity and a suspended gripper.
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    A multidisciplinary team to accompany you in your projects
    A remarkable After-Sales Support
    Unrivaled quality and a customized product


    • Advanced computer control for maximum operation convenience.
    • Choice of cutting capacity- 8", 10" and 12"
    • Suspended gripper.
    • Variable saw carriage feed speed.
    • Online with personals computer.
    • Self diagnostic function.
    • Conveniently parameter setting by signal guides.
    • Panel feed driven by AC servo motor

    Panel Feeding Mechanism

    Fast and smooth feeding performance are ensured.

    Scoring Sawblade Adjustment

    The scoring saw blade can be adjusted vertically for depth of cut control. Once wear occured, adjust its position for compensation. The scoring saw blade also can be adjusted laterally for alignment to main saw blade.

    Feed Drive Servo Motor

    The feed system is driven by high performance AC servo motor featuring great torque output and superior positioning accuracy. Swiss imported gear reducer with backlash adjustable assures minimum backlash and precision transmission. The Swiss imported rack combined with V slide ways provides maximum dependability of travel accuracy.

    Panel Fence Press

    When cutting a narrow panel, panel fence presses can be applied for pressing the panel against the fence, ensuring high square accuracy of cut. The fence press motions are controlled through computer for maximum convenience.

    Variable Saw Carriage Feed Speed

    The saw carriage feed speed is controlled by a fequency in venter, providing variable feed speed. Speed range is from 9 to 37 m/min.

    Advanced Saw Carriage :

    The saw carriage feed is driven by rugged wire. Fitted with a shock absorbing cylinder to prevent bumping while it travels to the left side. he scoring blade may be laterally adjusted for a burr free cut or vertically adjusted for proper depth of cut and to compensate for blade wear.

    Direct Piano-Key Type Dust Guard

    This sectional Piano-key type dust guard not only acts as a surrounding saw blade guard, but also fully prevents sawdust from spraying out of thee machine.

    Suspended Gripper

    The grippers are air operated, and are fitted with rubber to avoid damage on work piece

    Technical Specifications

    Model J-8CS J-10CS J-12CS
    Capacity - Maximum length of cut (L) 2,600 mm 3,200 mm 3,800 mm
    Capacity - Maximum depth of cut (H) 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
    Saw Blade Size 16” 16” 16”
    Saw Blade Bore diameter 1" 1" 1"
    Saw Blade Speed 1,500~3,500 R.P.M (by inverter driver) 1,500~3,500 R.P.M (by inverter driver) 1,500~3,500 R.P.M (by inverter driver)
    Saw Carriage Feed forward speed 1~7 m/min 1~7 m/min 1~7 m/min
    Saw Carriage Retract speed 30 M/min 30 M/min 30 M/min
    Spindle motor 18 HP 18 HP 18 HP
    Saw carriage drive motor 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
    Automatic feed system 2 kw 2 kw 2 kw
    Automatic panel feed speed 10~15 m/min 10~15 m/min 10~15 m/min
    Working air pressure 4~6 kg / cm 2 4~6 kg / cm 2 4~6 kg / cm 2
    Table height from floor 870 mm 870 mm 870 mm
    Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 5,133 x 4,560 x 1,750 mm 5,733 x 5,190 x 1,750 mm 6,333 x 5,820 x 1,770 mm
    Net/Gross weight 3,520/3,920 kgs 3,900/4,400 kgs 4,400/5,000 kgs

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