Lubricants for micro-spraying

Globe Microbio

Esterified oils of renewable origin for machining by micro-lubrication or MQL: Minimum Quantity Lubrication
Microkut - industrial lubricants - Globe par Condat

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Product Description

Globe Microbio

Lubricants of the Globe Microbio range are composed of a blend of esterified oils of renewable origin for use as “lost-oil” products. This range is used essentially for applications involving micro-lubrication or MQL: Minimum Quantity Lubrication.

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Health, Safety and Environment

Improved working conditions

  • Very convenient to use, improves health and safety at the work station.
  • Oils and greases of vegetable origin, promoting the use of renewable raw materials.
  • Biodegradable
  • Low odour, pale colour


  • Machining, sawing
  • Tapping by swarf removal or metal-forming
  • Cold forming of metals

Product benefits

High performance and a reduction in overall costs

  • Very low quantity required
  • Very good thermal behaviour, absence of black traces after annealing
  • Good chemical compatibility with metals
  • Lower friction coefficient
  • Improvement in lifetime of tools and the state of surfaces
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Globe Microbio Product Range