Product Brands

LESTHER Sawing and Cutting Machines and Equipment

Lesther bandsaws machines and Lesther equipments were born in Québec City. They are designed and manufactured in partnership with a manufacturer whose reputation and quality are well established.

Exclusive to montfort-International Ltée, these robust and reliable machines have been pleasing to our customers for several years.

Our machines are imaginatively designed and skillfully engineered to offer you exceptional cutting performance. All our machines offer:

  • Rigidity
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Versatility

Sawing machine - Lesther P1-350M - Semi-Auto Miter Cutting Bandsaw

Industrial blade IDEAL Proflex - Carbon Band Saw Blade for for wood and non-ferrous metal cutting

Industrial Saw Blades IDEAL

With IDEAL band saw blades, you will reduce your cutting and manufacturing costs considerably.


  • With a high-quality and long lasting product
  • Reducing your sawing time
  • By increasing your cost-per-cut ratio
  • By offering a better sawing result and an impeccable cutting finish
  • By offering you the best delivery times
  • Ensuring you a quality without compromise
  • By having our experts assist you in order to optimize your sawing operations


Thanks to our tips, you will get the IDEAL blade for your cutting operations.A blade with a longer service life requires less replacement, thus reducing installation costs, saving the environment as well as energy and resources.

This is made possible, among other things, because since 1989 Montfort has selected the best of the world. Each range has been tested, proven to provide the best cut-per-cut performance.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours for any product already in stock
    Montfort has the largest inventory of saw blades in all of Eastern Canada!
  • 100% guaranteed quality
    ALL blades are welded to the highest quality standards right here in our Quebec City workshop.
  • Expert Advice and Productivity Consultants
    Our team cover Canada to directly optimize your sawing operations. You will benefit from our VAP Value Added Program for our valued customers.


Globe Lubricants barrels

Our GLOBE Industrial Lubricants

Optimize your Sawing Operations with the Right Lubricant

With a Globe lubrication solution, you will save time and money by improving your productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness. In addition, Globe lubricants extend tools and lubricants lifetime and reduce discharges.

Grâce aux conseils de nos experts, vous pourrez utiliser le lubrifiant adapté à vos besoins et augmenterez ainsi l'efficacité de vos opérations de sciage et d'usinage des métaux.

Globe and Eco-Technology

Thanks to a new bio-sourced technology, we offer a complete range of industrial oils based on renewable ressources. These lubricants are in compliance with Health, Safety and the Environment in order to minimize the environmental impact.


Safety Guards and Shields for Lathes - MST-PTO 01

Prismont Machine Safeguarding & Machinery Modular Guard

Work Faster, Better, Smarter and Safer

With Prismont's industrial safety solutions, you will provide a safer workplace for your workers, whether they work with machine tooling, industrial robots or automation systems.

Analysis and Estimation

Our Prismont team offers a complete analysis and estimation service in order to find the perfect type of safety guards for your operations. Conducted by our design and sales team, this analysis will take into account various factors such as how often you need access to the machinery, your budget, the available space or any constraints related to the machine itself.

Turnkey Service

We also offer a turnkey approach for all services needed including technical expertise, project planning and scheduling your safety projects. Our mobile team will move directly to your plant and install Prismont components and equipment according to standards and requirements.

Field Services

Our mobile team of technicians will then be at your disposal to provide routine maintenance, installation, startup, problem analysis, corrective action or relocation services

A Vast Range of Safety Products

  • Safety guards for machines (lathes, mills, grinders, hydraulic press, drills, welders, etc.)
  • Perimeter protection fencing
  • Safety light curtains
  • Safety mats, bumpers and edges
  • Air filtration equipment
  • Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes