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KASTObbs U Space-Saving Block Bandsawing Machine

Automatic block and Plate, squares or flats bandsawing machines for longitudinal cuts. Cutting range: up to 420 mm
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The Space-Saving Block Bandsawing Machine for More Flexibility

Is it your job to cut different dimensions from different plates and blocks from your existing material using the longitudinal cutting method?

Does the majority of your cutting tasks consist of cutting heavy blocks including billets and plates and/or rectangular or flat materials? If so, you will find a sawing machine that suites your needs amongst the block bandsawing machines from the KASTObbs U series.

Thanks to the longitudinal cutting method, different cross-section dimensions can be configured from your material. KASTO block and plate sawing machines are installed on the floor and can be repositioned if needed. This provides maximum processing and positioning flexibility. Since the sawing machine moves instead of the workpiece, the footprint is reduced by approx. 50%, resulting in lower occupancy costs.


  • Infinitely variable bandsaw blade speed
  • By using bi-metal or carbide saw blades, all material qualities, including difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, Hastelloy and Inconel can be cut with high cutting performance.
  • The smooth running and vibration-free operation guarantees accurate results – the result: shorter cutting times and longer tool life

KASTO Block Bandsaws: Efficient Large Dimension Cutting

Blocks, Plates, Notching Cuts: With KASTO Block Bandsaws

Specifically designed for longitudinal cutting, the KASTO Block Bandsaw is the right choice for cutting different dimensions from blocks or plates; squares or flats. This principle is perfectly suited to trim plate layers and to perform notching cuts. With the use of bi-metal or carbide tipped saw blades, all material qualities – from aluminium to difficult to cut materials – can be handled with superior cutting performance. The KASTO Block Bandsaws have proven applications in steel mills and steel service centres – as well as in the tool and die industry.

Cutting Lengths up to 12.000 mm!

KASTO Block and Plate Saws are available in cutting heights from 360 mm to 1.860 mm. Depending on table length, maximum cutting lengths from 2.000 mm to 12.000 mm are possible. All machines offer an infinitely variable remote adjustment of the blade speed via plus-minus keys at the operating panel. A wide accessory range of material handling, measuring and clamping devices completes the adaptation possibilities. For example, optional measuring stops with digital display make the set-up process faster, mechanical clamping devices lock different material formats safely onto the supporting table, hydraulically lifting and lowering roller conveyors or hydraulic ball lifting tables allow fast positioning of the heaviest workpieces.

Economic, Versatile and Space-Saving.

The KASTO Block and Plate Bandsaws utilize the longitudinal cutting method. Under this design principle, the saw unit moves with pretensioned side-mounted rollers on precisely machined rails. The workpiece is locked on the saw table. This reduces the machine footprint by approx. 50 %, resulting in lower space costs. The fully welded, distortion-free construction of the saw head, with adjustable height of the blade guides, ensures quiet running and vibration-free working for accurate results, shorter cutting times and longer tool life. The electronically controlled saw feed guarantees short cutting times because it can be optimally adapted to material quality and material cross section. The saw blade speed is also infinitely variable.

Designed and Engineered for People and Technology

Safe and Easy Operation

All display and operating elements are located on the moving control panel. This permits an optimum view of the workpiece and safe control throughout the cutting procedure. The optional infrared remote control actuates the saw frame movements as well as the horizontal and vertical motions of the powered roller rails for more freedom of movement and control during set-up. With all models of the KASTObbs Bandsaws, the hydraulically pretensioned carbide guides are equipped with a clearance stroke system for fast and easy blade change.

Total Control: KASTO CompactControl and EasyControl.

Easy operation, less scrap, higher efficiency: With the KASTO CompactControl! Soft function keys with easy to understand symbols ease the operation of the machine. The logical user guidance delivers all important status and error messages in plain text. The economic components of the KASTO CompactControl:: Supervision of deviation of cut by BandControl, of minimum blade speed by SpeedControl, of coolant flow by FlowControl. The optional EasyControl saw control adapts the saw feed and
cutting speed to the material quality and dimension, on the basis of material data previously entered in the technological memory. Memory for up to 500 material master data records.

Automation Possibilities for the KASTObbs

  • Saw control EasyControl with job memory and technological memory to store material data such as quality and dimension.
  • Additional table and automatic feed units upgrade the KASTObbs U (semi-automatic) into a KASTObbs A (fully automatic)
  • Hydraulically driven roller rails for a load up to 7,5 t per rail with separate hydraulic unit.
  • Moving workpiece stop, driven by electric motor.
  • Electro-permanent clamping magnets for front and back material supporting table.

Une fixation haute-précision

KASTObbs: High Performance for Heavy Industry Applications

The ideal saw for high performance operation, the KASTObbs commands an impressive presence combined with quiet power. Whether heavy weights or large dimensions, the KASTObbs provides excellent handling and a high degree of automation. All operating elements are located on the moving operating panel. This ensures a safe view of the workpiece and saw blade as well as perfect control of the work process. The electronically controlled saw feed guarantees an optimum feed adjustment. With its robust construction and guides, the KASTObbs is qualified for all applications in heavy industry production. The welded saw head, especially developed for the heavy industry, is running remarkably quiet and virtually vibration-free. The result: A decrease in cutting times and optimum utilization of the blade life. The best for all qualified sawing applications – whether in steel service centres or steel mills: The KASTObbs.

Additional Equipment for the KASTObbs

  • Additional stop plate
  • Mechanical workpiece stop
  • Workpiece stop, adjustable by motor
  • Additional supporting beam
  • Manual clamping device
  • Infrared remote control of saw head
  • Heating for hydraulic oil
  • Heating for switch cabinet
  • Heating for coolant
  • Laser lamp
  • Clamping magnets for inner and outer table
  • Lifting and lowering roller rails

Contour-Close Notching Cuts Lower Costs and Save Time

The KASTObbs with universal application possibilities covers a wide variety of sawing tasks. For example, the sawing of single pieces from blocks and plates very close to their final dimensions. The machining times for subsequent machining steps, especially milling, are reduced considerably. Another advantage: The notched “scrap pieces“ remain intact for further use (see examples in left picture). This reduces the number of different material sizes and subsequently decreases the capital tied up in inventory.

Highly Economic: The “KASTO Effect“: Superior, Cost-Effective Performance.

By investing in design quality refinements, KASTO not only ensures shorter idle times but also increases blade life, namely by extremely quiet running as well as a generous design of all machine components. All assemblies are well proven in heavyduty operations around the world.

Favourable Solution for High Demands

Low in Price – Outstanding Performance

The KASTObloc or KASTOplate provide an excellent balance in price and accuracy. The “light“ version of the KASTObbs is costfavourable with superior performance: This machine has all the advantages of the “big one“ – the same feed unit, same cutting performance and same cutting accuracy as well as same very easy access. All workpieces on the table can be reached by hand. Coolant container and chip conveyor are integrated into the table; the length of the chip conveyor is identical with the saw length.

The KASTObloc or the KASTOplate is the ideal machine for cutting smaller block dimensions or lower plate weights – (up to 6 tons). The optimum handling aids of the KASTObloc or KASTOplate are ideally suited for cutting-up remnants. A 1 ton block can be moved with just one finger. The moving and swivelable operating panel ensures clear overview and safety.

Technical Specifications

KASTObbs U 3 x 6 U 3 x 20 U 4 x 16 U 5 x 10 U 6 x 16 U 8 x 10 U 8 x 20 U 10 U 12 x 15 U 18 x 15
Required power 3,5 / 6,0 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 5,5 - 8,0 kW 5,5 - 10,0 kW
Cutting speed, infinitely variable 12 - 130 m/mn 14 - 75 m/mn 14 - 75 m/mn 14 - 75 m/mn 14 - 75 m/mn 14 - 75 m/mn 14 - 75 m/mn 14 - 75 m/mn 8 - 80 m/mn 8 - 80 m/mn
Cutting height 360 mm / 340 mm 360 mm 520 mm 560 mm 660 mm 860 mm 860 mm 1.060 mm 1.260 mm 1.920 mm
Cutting height with cutting control 420 mm / 400 mm 420 mm 460 mm 620 mm 720 mm 920 mm 920 mm 1.120 mm 1.320 mm 1.860 mm
Cutting depth 660 mm 2.060 mm 1.660 mm 1.060 mm 1.660 mm 1.060 mm 2.060 mm 1.060 mm 1.560 mm 1.560 mm
Cutting length from – to (1.000 mm steps) 2.000 - 6.000 mm 3.000 - 7.000 mm 3.000 - 7.000 mm 3.000 - 6.000 mm 3.000 - 6.000 mm 3.000 - 6.000 mm 6.000 mm 3.000 - 6.000 mm 3.000 - 7.000 mm 3.000 - 4.000 mm
Carrying capacityp.1.000 mmtable length(outertable) 4 t 8 t 8 t 8 t 8 t 8 t 8 t 8 t 10 t 20 t
Table support width (outer table) 1.200 mm 2.000 mm 1.500 mm 1.500 mm 1.500 mm 1.500 mm 2.000 mm 1.500 mm 2.000 mm 2.000 mm
Table support width (inner table) 660 mm 2.060 mm 1.660 mm 1.100 mm 1.660 mm 1.100 mm 2.060 mm 1.100 mm 1.560 mm 1.560 mm
Table support height 1.285 mm 1.550 mm 1.550 mm 1.350 mm 1.550 mm 1.340 mm 1.550 mm 1.350 mm 1.710 mm 1.710 mm

Dimensions With Cutting Length 3.000 mm

KASTObbs U 3 x 6 U 3 x 20 U 4 x 16 U 5 x 10 U 6 x 16 U 8 x 10 U 8 x 20 U 10 U 12 x 15 U 18 x 15
Length 6.585 mm 6.850 mm 6.850 mm 6.650 mm 6.850 mm 6.650 mm 9.850 mm 6.650 mm 7.000 mm 7.650 mm
Width 2.995 mm 5.690 mm 5.000 mm 3.830 mm 5.000 mm 3.830 mm 5.915 mm 3.830 mm 5.180 mm 5.450 mm
Width with open protective cover 3.585 mm 7.060 mm 6.360 mm 5.010 mm 6.360 mm 5.010 mm 7.325 mm 5.010 mm 6.315 mm 6.660 mm
Height (without laser) 2.750 mm 3.215 mm 3.490 mm 3.620 mm 3.490 mm 3.620 mm 3.560 mm 3.820 mm 5.265 mm 6.450 mm
Carrying capacity (outer table) 12 t 26 t 24 t 24 t 24 t 24 t 48 t 24 t 50 t 70 t
Weight 8.000 kg 16.500 kg 15.000 kg 14.000 kg 15.000 kg 14.000 kg 21.200 kg 14.500 kg 24.600 kg 30.500 kg

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