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Serv-O-Spray MQL Lubrication System by UNIST

MQL performance for operations where only a precise intermittent pulse or shot of lubrication is required. Perfect for drilling and tapping small holes, punching, and more.
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A multidisciplinary team to accompany you in your projects
A remarkable After-Sales Support
Unrivaled quality and a customized product

Delivers Precise, Repeatable Single Shots of Lubricant

With its precision positive displacement pump and individually adjustable air and fluid volumes, the Serv-O-Spray™ spray lubrication system is the perfect Minimum Quantity Lubrication solution for any operation where controlled, intermittent fluid application is needed.

Advantages of the Serv-O-Spray

  • Single-shot precision output
  • Reliable Unist pump
  • Separate air/fluid control
  • Ideal MQL solution - for short-cycle machining
  • Deliver a fixed amount of fluid with each and every shot
  • Adjustable pumps deliver 0.003 - 0.100 mL per stroke.
  • Pumps are air actuated
  • Easy adjustability and control over spray consistency.
  • Neat, clean fluid delivery - Eliminate the mess of flood coolants
  • Improves cut quality
  • Made for environmentally friendly Coolube®
  • Dry chips - higher recycling value

Easy to Use

How It Works

  1. The Serv-O-Spray™ pump is ready to dispense a shot of fluid.
    Note: The system is full of fluid (green) all the way to the nozzle tip
  2. When an air signal (blue) is applied, the pump piston strokes, immediately pushing a fixed quantity of fluid out the nozzle tip. Simultaneously, an adjustable amount of air surrounds the fluid to break it up and propel it to the point of application.

Intermittent Output

Actuating your Serv-O-Spray™ spray lubrication system is easy. Every time a compressed air signal is supplied from an actuation valve, the pump will deliver one quick shot of fluid out the nozzle tip along with a controlled amount of air. Air continues to flow from the nozzle tip until the air actuation valve is closed. Each time air is supplied in the spray lubrication system, the pump immediately fires another shot. The pumps can be cycled as often as needed, up to 150 times per minute.

An Efficient Design

Separate Fluid & Air

Our Co-Axial nozzles keep the air and fluid separate right up to the spray tip. This unique configuration can deliver fluid over long distances without the need for excessive amounts of air. Each time the pump strokes, a metered amount of fluid sprays out the nozzle tip, and is immediately atomized by the outer jacket of air. This feature on our spray lubrication systems delivers a balanced spray pattern at the point of application.

Serv-O-Spray's™ modular design

Serv-O-Spray can be configured for almost any application! Pumps can be actuated independently or in groups to spray multiple points with a single control valve.

Unist Quality

Dial in the "Sweet Spot"

The Serv-O-Spray™ was designed for precise control over the fluid application with separate fluid and air volume adjustments. This means that finding the sweet spot for your application is a breeze and once it’s set, the Serv-O-Spray™ spray lubrication system will deliver the same amount of fluid again and again.

Triple-Tested Performance

At Unist, the quality of our products is extremely important to all of us. That’s why each Serv-O-Spray™ undergoes an extensive 3-step testing process. We begin by fluid testing each metering pump individually to ensure proper output and function. Following that, we test the entire pump assembly before verifying the operation of the finished Serv-O-Spray™ assembly for a third time with Unist Coolube® lubricant.

Technical Specifications

Outputs Intermittent output-Delivers repeatable shots of fluid
Multiple outputs - up to 16 pumps for 16 individual output options
Pumps(4 types available) Standard 1 Drop (0.03 mL per stroke)
Standard 3 Drop (0.10 mL per stroke)
Multi-Viscosity(MV) 1 Drop (0.045 mL per stroke)
Multi-Viscosity(MV) 2 Drop (0.10 mL per stroke)
Actuation Control air input with manual valve, air pilot valve, or 3-way solenoid valve (110VAC or 24VDC)
Reservoirs 16 oz. (473 ml), polyethylene
32 oz. (946 ml), polyethylene
64 oz. (1893 ml), polyethylene
64 oz. (1893 ml), polyethylene with low level

Options & Accessories

Actuation - Air Pilot Valve

For use with a low-flow air signal.

Actuation - Solenoid Valve

For actuation using an electrical signal from the machine.

Actuation - Foot valve

Hands-free manual operation.

1-3 Outlet Enclosure

4-6 Outlet Enclosure

7-11 Outlet Enclosure

12-16 Outlet Enclosure

Accessories - Spray Nozzle Options

Multiple styles/lengths available

The Montfort Benefits

A multidisciplinary team to accompany you in your projects
They move to your factory, to your workshop, and effectively meet your needs for improvement; from development to installation.
Unrivaled quality and a customized product
We stand out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with equipment and tools notorious for their reliability and excellent value for money.
A remarkable After-Sales Support
The team of Montfort technicians support all our divisions by installing, maintaining and guaranteeing our equipment.