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For all your metallurgical manufacturing needs, we offer durable, efficient and affordable sawing and cutting machines.
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Blades & Band Saws

With IDEAL bandsaw blades, you will reduce your cutting and manufacturing costs considerably. These blades offer productivity and longevity. Quick delivery! 1 to 3 days for any product already in stock
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Industrial Lubricants & Filtration

The widest range of industrial lubricants to meet all your requirements: environmental, to reduce your costs, for your employees' safety or performance.
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A wide range for all your finishing, polishing and deburring needs. Montfort International Ltd offers a wide range of high-performance tribofinishing machines and sanding tools to increase your productivity and reduce costs.
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Let our qualified staff guide you to high-performance equipment that will allow you to increase your productivity and the quality of your products.
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Machine Safeguarding & Modular Machine Guards

Online sale of industrial safety equipment and turnkey installation service of perimeter safety guarding systems for hazardous areas.
  • Barils de lubrifiants industriels Globe
  • Barils de lubrifiants industriels Globe

VICAFIL SL and VICAFIL SP Water-Soluble Lubricants for Wet Wire Drawing

Water-soluble lubricating products for drawing metallic wires and wet wire drawing. Recommended for wet drawing of fine wires and more particularly for copper coated or galvanised wires.
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Water-Soluble Lubricating Products for Drawing Metallic Wires and Wet Wire Drawing

VICAFIL SL liquid lubricants are diluted in water and are recommended for wet drawing of fine wires and more particularly for copper coated or galvanised wires.

Chemically, these products are classified according to their appearance once diluted:

  • Milky appearance: Emulsions of oils, liquid soaps or dispersions, their appearance comes from the size of the oil droplets in the water. They are the most lubricating.
  • Opalescent appearance: the size of the droplets is around one micron and these micro-emulsions offer an ideal balance between cleanliness and lubricating performances
  • Clear appearance: True or 100% synthetic solutions, these fluids are generally dedicated to drawing the finest wires, where cleanliness takes priority.

In mastering these technologies, the VICAFIL SL range offers a solution for all applications, whatever the material or the coating.

Soluble Oils

The VICAFIL SL range of soluble oils is designed for use at low concentration and its main purpose is:

  • to eliminate the heat produced by metal forming
  • to limit frictions by using anti-wear and extreme pressure additives in the formulation


Used pure, our VICAFIL SP range of pastes offers effective lubrication for single-pass applications. Soluble, VICAFIL SP pastes are easily cleaned and give a very clean finish to the wire.


  • Welding wires
  • Cable wires
  • Wires for metallic reinforcement of rubber
  • Wires for electroplating
  • Spring wires
  • Galvanised wires


  • VICAFIL SL 380
  • VICAFIL SL 1001
  • VICAFIL SL 1093
  • VICAFIL SL 1250
  • VICAFIL SL 2868
  • VICAFIL SL 3400
  • VICAFIL SL 3500
  • VICAFIL WC 7401
  • VICAFIL SP 1356 G
  • VICAFIL SP 1358
  • VICAFIL SP 1360
  • VICAFIL SL 2000
  • VICAFIL SL 4095

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