Industrial Liquid Filtration

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  • Magnetic Filters

    Micromag HP80

    Micromag HP80 magnetic filter provides all the same operational benefits of the standard Micromag but is designed for high pressure through-spindle coolant filtration applications, where the smallest of particles can damage seals, spindles and reduce efficiency of the cutting tool.
  • Magnetic Filters


    High intensity magnetic filter for high flow and high contamination.
  • Magnetic Filters

    Filtramag +

    Filtramag+ magnetic filter is the ultimate in filtration technology, its' high intensity magnetic cores make it 100% effective for use with materials which have lower magnetic permeability such as tungsten carbide and cast iron.
  • Magnetic Filters

    Micromag HP50

    Micromag HP50 magnetic filter provides all the same operational benefits of the standard Micromag but is designed for some high pressure through-spindle coolant filtration applications.
  • Magnetic Filters


    The Automag magnetic filter is a fully automated unit which is ideal for 24/7 machining operations. With high contamination collection capacity and an ability to handle high flow rates, Automag is widely used on high volume production lines.
  • Magnetic Filters


    Micromag is ideal for single cell machines and smaller wash stations. With a high intensity magnetic core and patented fluid flow path, Micromag ensures removal of almost 100% of ferrous contamination.
  • Magnetic Filters

    Skid Automag

    The Automag Skid magnetic filtration system is a self-contained filtration and fluid recovery system. The fully automated unit minimises fluid loss during cleaning and is ideal for 24/7 high volume single or multi-cell machining applications.
  • Magnetic Filters


    The Autofiltrex magnetic filter integrates market leading magnetic technology, it ensures 24/7 "ultra-polished" machine tool fluids.
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Use the Advice of our Specialists for the Filtration of your Industrial Liquids

Reduce your Consumables Costs with our Magnetic Filtration Solutions

Montfort International has selected the very best magnetic filters on the market to allow you to obtain a coolant without consumables, reduce the environmental impact and extend the life of your liquids.

Thanks to magnetic filtration, you can eliminate particles of less than one micron and maintain high flow rates without affecting the efficiency of filtration. Wear-free, our magnetic filters have a minimal running cost.

Save Time and Money with our Sump Shark Sump Cleaners

Eliminate back-breaking work and stop wasting money on replacing wet and dry sump cleaners. Sump Shark are high-suction sump cleaners that rapidly remove coolants and industrial solids from tanks during various commercial, industrial and metalworking processes.

The Micronfilter Range for Particles-Free Air and Coolants

Discover our Micronfilter product range for air and liquids filtration. Our filtration systems are at the cutting edge of technology.

Protect the health of workers in your factories today by reducing exposure to oil vapors with our quality oil mist collectors !