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The widest range of industrial lubricants to meet all your requirements: environmental, to reduce your costs, for your employees' safety or performance.
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A wide range for all your finishing, polishing and deburring needs. Montfort International Ltd offers a wide range of high-performance tribofinishing machines and sanding tools to increase your productivity and reduce costs.
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Online sale of industrial safety equipment and turnkey installation service of perimeter safety guarding systems for hazardous areas.
  • Lubrifiant pour le travail des métaux ferreux Condaform
  • Barils de lubrifiants industriels Globe
  • Lubrifiant pour le travail des métaux ferreux Condaform
  • Barils de lubrifiants industriels Globe

Condaform Metal-Working Lubricants

Complete range of lubricants intended for cutting, punching, fine blanking, stamping, deep drawing operations with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
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A multidisciplinary team to accompany you in your projects
A remarkable After-Sales Support
Unrivaled quality and a customized product

Ready-to-Use Vanishing Lubricant

Stamping and cutting sheet metal and blank is a metal-forming procedure that allows production of parts with complex shapes. The use of new materials (HLE steel, ferritic stainless steel, aluminium) associated with increasingly important environmental constraints and cost reductions requires the use of high-performance lubricants.

Drawing on our technical expertise and our know-how in the field of cold metal-forming, we offer the Condaform range intended for cutting and stamping of metals.

What Are the Main Technical Criteria We Take Into Account?

  • Most difficult operations / improvements wanted
  • Metals: steels, stainless steels, copper metals, aluminum...
  • Post-treatments: protection against corrosion, welding, degreasing, thermal degreasing, cataphoresis, glueing...
  • Approvals: incidental food contact H1, automobile industry...

How to Reduce Global Costs?

  • Improve productivity, improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Increases the lifetime of tools
  • Replace neat oils by soluble oils. Replace the chlorine
  • Aid lubricant application / Master the deposit weight
  • Avoid or limit degreasing post-treatments


  • Neat oils : Range of non-chlorinated neat oils, for cutting and stamping of sheet metal, on mechanical or hydraulic presses
  • Neat oils for fine blanking : Neat oils for lubrication of fine blanking operations for cars and industry and the creation of engine components, gear boxes, transmissions, gear reducers
  • Soluble oils : Range of water-soluble oils, for cutting and stamping of sheet metal, on mechanical or hydraulic presses
  • Vanishing oils : Vanishing lubricants for cutting, folding and bending, light stamping, punching, hole flanging, lock-seam forming, roll bending, of sheet metal

Health, Safety and Environment

Working Conditions Improved

  • Improvement of working conditions, convenient to use
  • Free of chlorine, mists, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Taking the HSE impact into account is an integral part of the technical specifications for our lubricants. CONDAT therefore offers alternative technologies and draws on bio-sourced raw materials.

Applications and Materials

  • Cutting, punching, fine blanking, stamping, deep drawing operations with ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Automobile industry
  • Aviation industry
  • General industry, building
  • Packaging

Features and Benefits

  • Quality of parts : multiple technical criteria taken into account
  • Economic gains: reduction in overall costs

Condaform Product Range

  • Globe Condaform CEV-2000
  • Globe Condaform CEV-1332

Globe Condaform CEV-2000


Globe Condaform CEV-2000 is a light-duty, chlorine-free, metalforming lubricant designed for forming aluminum and other soft metals. The evaporative properties of Globe Condaform CEV-2000 greatly reduce lubricant residue on formed parts and eliminate the need for post-cleaning operations. Globe Condaform CEV-2000 can be used in numerous metalforming operations. Globe Condaform CEV-2000 is ideally suited for fin stamping in the HVACR market.


  • Light-Duty Stamping/Drawing: Fin Stamping, Heat Exchangers, Coils/Closures
  • Light-Duty Bending Operations: Electrical Fixtures, Metal Containers
  • Blanking: Washers, Laminations, and other small parts manufacturing
  • Piercing/Punching
  • Wire Stranding
  • Rollforming: Painted or prepainted coil stock
  • Cut-off Operations

Globe Condaform CEV-1332


Globe Condaform CEV-1332 is an evanescent, chlorine-free lubricant, designed for cold deformation.


  • PRESS cutting and stamping of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Easy to apply by sprayers, micro-lubrication, drip, felt
  • Manufacture of food packaging metal
  • Manufacture of aluminum heat exchangers (automotive, and construction)

The Montfort Benefits

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They move to your factory, to your workshop, and effectively meet your needs for improvement; from development to installation.
Unrivaled quality and a customized product
We stand out from the competition by meeting your specific needs with equipment and tools notorious for their reliability and excellent value for money.
A remarkable After-Sales Support
The team of Montfort technicians support all our divisions by installing, maintaining and guaranteeing our equipment.