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Globe 550 Mecagreen AERO Aeronautics Lubricants

Complete range of lubricants intended for the aeronautics market: soluble and neat oils for machining.
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Soluble Ester Based Oil from Vegetable Origin

The field of aeronautics is one of the most demanding. Environmental and economic challenges must now be added to the technical constraints. To satisfy these requirements, the use of new materials such as titanium, nickel and aluminium alloys is indispensable.

The arrival of new production technologies has pushed the limits of machining:

  • Very high speed spindles
  • High lubrication pressure (300 bar)

To support its customers and the major players in this market, GLOBE has developed a specific family of lubricants guaranteeing very high levels of performance. Aeronautical machining requires the use of both soluble oils and neat oils. La gamme d’huiles solubles Globe 550 Mecagreen AERO bénéficie d’une phase lubrifiante formulée à partir d’un assemblage d’huiles de base estérifiées 100% d’origine renouvelable.

Free of harmful molecules (chlorine, DEA, nitrites, formaldehyde-releasing bactericide, phenolic derivatives, heavy metals and silicones), these new machining oils are very comfortable to use for operators because they are non-irritating and non-sensitising.

On the consumption side, their draining speed is very fast and the residual on parts and chips is divided by 2, in a few seconds, thus minimizing product losses and reducing lubricant consumption by at least 30%. In addition, the machines become clean quickly because Globe 550 Mecagreen AERO machining oil glides easily.

In terms of tool longevity, it is considerably improved thanks to synthetic esters of plant origin. Their lubricating power and their wettability limit the rise in temperature and improve the contact of the lubricant with the part. As a result, tool life is extended by at least 20%.

Unlike products formulated with mineral oil (petroleum product), the new Globe 550 Mecagreen AERO machining oils consist of a blend of esterified base oils of 100% vegetable origin. Combining lubricating performance and extreme wetting ability, this oil will therefore be the first choice for manufacturing engine and turbine components.

Globe 550 Mecagreen AERO's Advantages

  • High performance
  • 20% increase in tool lifespan
  • Maximum content of synthetic ester: for machining difficult materials
  • "Green" formulation (petroleum-based replaced by vegetable-based)
  • Non-irritating and non-sensitizing
  • Highly detergent, it leaves machines clean and flows well on chips, glass, and walls, limiting lubricant consumption.
  • 15 to 30% decrease in lubricant consumption
  • Formulas without boron/bactericides
  • Recommended for aluminium and stainless steel. Does not stain aluminium, especially aeronautic alloys
  • Excellent bio-stability achieved through non conventional biocides. New age chemistry maintains sump balance.
  • Formulated with a unique blend of vegetable esters, these esters provide a polar reaction at the point of cut that has been optimized for various machining applications.
  • High resistance to foaming even in soft water. No mechanical foaming due to high pressure.
  • Easily washed with alkaline cleaner or solvent.
  • 100% Derived of Renewable Resources
  • Bio-static chemistry
  • Aerospace approvals


  • Aerospace: Engine, structural components, turbines, and landing gear system
  • Difficult materials: Titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, M152, inconel

Health, Safety and Environment

Aeronautical Registration

They fulfil the latest specifications of the most prestigious constructors:

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Safran
  • Messier Dowty

Improved Working Conditions

  • Improves health and safety at the work station
  • Absence of formaldehyde-releasing biocide
  • Absence of secondary amines
  • Compliance with TRGS 611
  • Absence of heavy metals


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