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Globe Condaprotect Anti-Corrosion Protection of Metals

Soluble oils for anti-corrosion protection of ferrous metals, galvanised wires, bulk parts and coils of copper and copper alloys
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Metal Anti-Corrosion Protection

Globe Condaprotect range has been developed to provide effective protection of our customers' parts and components. It is used for protection between operations or for a final anti-corrosion protection before dispatch or storage:

  • Water-repellent anti-corrosion oils: neat oils, vanishing oils, aerosols
  • Soluble anti-corrosion oils, water based

Globe Condaprotect offer reconciles anti-corrosion performance with protection of the environment and users.

Soluble Anti-Corrosion Protection

We offer Globe Condaprotect, a range of soluble oils for anti-corrosion protection, presented in the form of concentrates to be diluted in water. The working concentration for final customers varies according to the application and the length of protection required, between 1 % and 25%.

This range of water-soluble anti-corrosion products acts effectively against the corrosion of:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Galvanised wires
  • Bulk parts or coils of copper and copper alloys

Globe Condaprotect soluble oils are usually applied by spraying or immersion.


  • Economic gains: highly concentrated formulations
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Residual protection films can be fine, very fine or invisible
  • The working concentration allows the characteristics to be adapted to usage

Agreeable to use, this range of soluble oils also contributes to improvement of working conditions, in particular in terms of health and safety:

Free from barium, boron, formaldehyde, VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds)

Soluble Anti-Corrosion Oils

Protection against corrosion of metallic parts is essential. The use of water-repellent oils allows water to be driven out of the metallic parts.

Water-repellent protection oils are recommended when the upstream process lubricants are water based, for example after use of soluble machining oils, or soluble metal-forming oils for the manufacture of tubes, bars and profiles.

The Globe Condaprotect range of water-repellent anti-corrosion oils is available in two forms:

  • Neat oils
  • Solvent-based vanishing oils

Les huiles solubles Globe Condaprotect s’appliquent généralement par pulvérisation ou par immersion.


  • Very good protection against corrosion between operations and in the long term
  • Water-repellent, to drive out water
  • Vanishing range with quick drying time
  • Residual protection films can be fine or very fine
  • Appearance of residual protection films can be oily or waxy
  • Good chemical compatibility with the different process products
  • HSE: Free from barium

Globe Condaprotect Product Range

  • Globe Condaprotect 1541
  • Globe Condaprotect 187
  • Globe Synthétique L-1552 RP
  • Globe Condaprotect 276
  • Globe Condaprotect 1541
  • Globe Condaprotect 3104
  • Globe Condaprotect 4010
  • Globe Condaprotect 4015
  • Globe Condaprotect 4070
  • Globe Condaprotect 7400

Globe Condaprotect 1541


Globe Condaprotect 1541 is a solvent-based protective fluid that leaves a soft waxy film after drying..

Ferrous Metal Applications

  • Protection of tubes and bars
  • Wire protection
  • Protection of spare parts, mechanical parts
  • Sheet metal protection


  • Very good protection against corrosion between operations and in the long term
  • Barium free
  • No smell
  • Easy application by the usual means: cold, spray, or brush.
  • Pleasant to use, light color, very stable product
  • High drying power, guaranteeing good protection after use of an aqueous product (soluble oil for machining, etc.)
  • No VOC (Volatile organic compound)
  • Easy degreasing with alkaline cleaners

Globe Synthétique L-1552 RP


Globe Synthétique L-1552 RP is a water based synthetic designed as a mild rust preventative for processed parts during temporary indoor storage. Globe Synthétique L-1552 RP will not show phase separation or settling during shipment, storage or after dilution. Globe Synthétique L-1552 RP deposits a clear film that provides 10-20 days of rust protection for parts in storage and in transportation.


Globe Synthétique L-1552 RP is recommended to use at a concentration of 5% minimum in water used as a rust preventative


  • Oil and solvent free
  • Thin clean film
  • Dry to the touch
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water dilutable
  • Washes off easily with water
  • Safe to store

Globe Condaprotect 187


Solvent-based fluid for the corrosion protection of ferrous metals, tubes and wires

Globe Condaprotect 276

Protecteurs - Fluide aqueux de protection anticorrosion

Globe Condaprotect 276 is a water soluble concentrate designed for the protection of galvanized wire against corrosion.

Globe Condaprotect 3104

Protectors - Protective Oil for Galvanized Wire

Globe Condaprotect 3104 is a soluble half-synthetic oil designed for the protection of galvanized wire against white corrosion.

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