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With IDEAL bandsaw blades, you will reduce your cutting and manufacturing costs considerably. These blades offer productivity and longevity. Quick delivery! 1 to 3 days for any product already in stock
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Industrial Lubricants & Filtration

The widest range of industrial lubricants to meet all your requirements: environmental, to reduce your costs, for your employees' safety or performance.
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A wide range for all your finishing, polishing and deburring needs. Montfort International Ltd offers a wide range of high-performance tribofinishing machines and sanding tools to increase your productivity and reduce costs.
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Machine Safeguarding & Modular Machine Guards

Online sale of industrial safety equipment and turnkey installation service of perimeter safety guarding systems for hazardous areas.
  • Produits de poteyage et agents démoulants Globe Condafond
  • Barils de lubrifiants industriels Globe
  • Produits de poteyage et agents démoulants Globe Condafond
  • Barils de lubrifiants industriels Globe

Globecoating Die-Coating Products and Mould-Release Agents

Range of die-coating products and mould-release agents for high pressure die casting (HPDC).
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Die-Coating Products and Mould-Release Agents for High Pressure Die Casting

The phase of use and spraying of a mould-release agent is one of the critical phases in high pressure die casting (HPDC). Spraying a mould-release agent on the permanent moulds in high-pressure die casting thus has an impact on:

  • The cycle time
  • The lifetime of moulds
  • The quality of the parts (appearance, porosity...)

This represents the most complete range of die-coating products on the market and offers:

  • Water-based mould-release agents, miscible with water in any proportion and compatible with a wide range of water hardnesses
  • Water-free die-coating products
  • Mould-release agents with or without silicone: Condafond 7xx range
  • Die-coating products with or without wax
  • Highly concentrated mould-release agents
  • Recyclable mould release agent products: Condafond xxx REC range


  • Foundry
  • For standard and high-silicon aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys.


Our research teams, attentive to your needs, have developed products with the following main advantages:

  • Application over a wide range of temperatures: 100°C to more than 300°C
  • Increase in your productivity
  • Increase in lifetime of moulds, ejectors and other tools thanks to the use of materials with a high release power
  • Reduction in clogging of spray systems and moulds, to give clean moulds and parts
  • Optimisation of cycle times and reduction in production shutdown
  • Reduction in the quantities of die-coatings used
  • Reduction in faulty parts and rejects: reduction in porosity
  • Reduction in emissions and smoke through the use of the most thermally stable products
  • Observance of the regulations in force (Biocides Directive...)
  • Reduction in the COD, BOD for water reprocessing (Chemical Oxygen Demand, Biochemical Oxygen Demand).

Condafond Product Range

  • Globe Condafond 184
  • Globe Condafond F050
  • Globe Condafond 14 G

Globe Condafond 184

Release Agent - High Pressure Foundry

Globe Condafond 184 is an emulsion of releasing agents designed for aluminium and magnesium high pressure die casting. It possesses anticalaminic characteristics on the molds (self-cleaning power). It is intended for the lubrication of molds. It eases unmoulding and prevents metallic transfer on tools.


  • Aluminium high pressure foundry
  • Magnesium high pressure foundry
  • Lubrication and cooling of molds and tools


  • Characterised by a high technological potential: it offers an outstanding productivity level.
  • Does not build up on moulds, even at high concentration. it even cleans up gradually moulds which have been used by another lubricant.
  • Does not stain parts and does not produce smokes. Parts casted are cleaned with a bright finish aspect.
  • Protects the tool and the press from the corrosion. Very high resistance to micro-organisms, designed for recycling process.
  • Withstands a wide range of operating temperatures: good adhesion on hot areas and stability at high temperature.

Globe Condafond F050

Release Agent - High Pressure Foundry

Globe Condafond F050 is a fine particle size dispersion of graphite in water, especially suitable where a smooth dry lubricating film is required on a variety of substrates to provide lubrication in most difficult forming operations.


  • Die casting release agent for aluminum alloys (gravity or high pressure).
  • Die casting release agent for brass and copper alloys (gravity or high pressure).
  • Release agent for Fe-Si alloys casting
  • Cylinder lubricant in aluminum -3C -casting


  • High covering power with optimal performances
  • Allow adhesion on extremely hot metals
  • Ultra fine controlled particle size distribution
  • Allow economic on dilution ratio
  • Good adhesion on very hot surfaces
  • High lubricating properties
  • Does not build up (no inorganic binder)
  • Does not irritate (does not contain ammoniac)

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